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The world's first $9 IoT Platform by Bolt IoT — Kickstarter
Bolt brings you just the right tools to help you build your projects at lightning speed.
kickstarter  bolt  iot  internetofthings  embedded  cloud 
3 days ago by cyberchucktx
Chromatron - Wifi Pixel Controller | Kickstarter
"- Control up to 300 pixels per Chromatron
- Stream pixel data over Wifi with the Python API
- Run graphics code directly on hardware with the built in FX scripting engine
- Take control with the command line interface: built in device discovery, dimmer controls, pixel setup, and more
- Easy LED wiring via screw terminals
- Open source: I'm releasing everything after we hit our funding goal!"
led  kickstarter  electronics 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
Specdrums: Music at Your Fingertips by Specdrums — Kickstarter
Specdrums are app-connected rings that turn the world's colors into your own personal sound machine. They let you create beats and melodies by tapping on anything with color, such as your clothes, our 12-color keyboard, or any objects you find around you. You can even draw and print out your own Specdrums instruments.
kickstarter  wearable  music  sound  audio 
4 days ago by cyberchucktx
Welcome to Macintosh Members – Welcome to Macintosh Members
Thank you for supporting Welcome to Macintosh! On this site, you can find all the behind-the-scenes videos and deleted scenes. If you’d rather get the deleted scenes in your podcast app, just subscribe to this RSS feed:
If you use Overcast, here’s a direct link to subscribe:
mac  podcast  kickstarter 
8 days ago by rgl7194
NanoSound - All-in-one HIFI Audio DAC Board for Raspberry Pi by Nanomesher @ Kickstarter
Raspberry Pi Add-on Board with HIFI DAC, LDO Voltage Regulator, OLED Display, Power Switch, Control Buttons and Infrared Remote
raspberrypi  nanosound  audio  hardware  kickstarter 
19 days ago by cyberchucktx
DACBerry PRO - Professional Soundcard for Raspberry Pi @ Kickstarter
Introducing one of the most advanced soundcards for Raspberry Pi. A professional device that will bring you an incredible audio quality
kickstarter  audio  raspberrypi  dacberry 
19 days ago by cyberchucktx

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