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RT : Ealdorlight procedurally unlocks player potential as story unfolds.
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yesterday by chrismdp
Rocketbook Wave: Cloud Connected Microwavable Notebook by Rocketbook — Kickstarter
(It looks like the Rocketbook notebook's dots are roughly spaced like a college-ruled notebook:)
"For our first page style, we chose the Dot Grid+ style, because it 1) works well as a substitute for lines and is spaced with the same spacing as college ruled 2) is perfect for plotting graphs and diagrams, 3) is less intrusive than graph paper."
notebooks  2017  rocketbook  kickstarter 
5 days ago by handcoding
MIXXTAPE - The Cassette Reinvented by Mixxim — Kickstarter
Mixxim is raising funds for MIXXTAPE - The Cassette Reinvented on Kickstarter!

Bluetooth music player that looks (and plays) like a cassette tape. Includes a display, headphone jack, memory card slot, & more.
mixxtape  tape  casette  music  kickstarter 
7 days ago by olafyoorsen

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