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Kickstarter: It’s not about the money
When you launch your product on Kickstarter, the hope is always to raise the money you are asking for. Thanks to our backers we raised more than $ 300,000 and overshot our goal by over 550%. But more importantly, we wanted to build a wonderful community. We did just that. via Pocket
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yesterday by hansdorsch
TLC Finally Making Good on the $430,255 They Took from Fans... MAYBE.
Is TLC finally giving their dedicated fans something for that $430,000 they took from them two years ago? Maybe, but then again… maybe not.

TLC fans are “tentatively” about to see some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. This week, the manager of the famed 90s girl group, Bill Diggins, broke an 8 month silence to let Kickstarter backers know that album they ponied up money for in 2015 finally has a release month… sort of.
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4 days ago by dk33per
We've launched our first ! Help us protect art and creative culture with this mini arcade!
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5 days ago by todbot
An FPV quadcopter kit for kids. Includes everything you need to get flying!
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5 days ago by ted.gould
Project Icarus by Josh Ingram — Kickstarter
An FPV quadcopter kit for kids. Includes everything you need to get flying!
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5 days ago by ted.gould
Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-on For Your A/C by Ambi Labs @ Kickstarter
Ambi Climate is a small, sleek internet of things device that makes your existing infrared remote-controlled air conditioner smart.

It allows you to sync your AC with your smartphone, giving you complete access to monitor and control your air conditioner wherever you are.
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6 days ago by cyberchucktx

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