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Chicks behind the flicks -
Ten of Hollywood's most powerful women sit down to discuss the state of the movie business -- why there aren't more female directors, why blowing things up is fun, and more.
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june 2013 by stacyleekong
The Daily Star - The Janus-like nature of Arab elections
Rami Khouri on Arab parliamentary elections: they're lively, but don't matter.
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november 2010 by arabist
Post-Gaza Political Battle - Middle East Times
Rami Khouri on the conservative vs. radical cleavage in Arab politics.
khouri  gaza  arab 
january 2009 by arabist
The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - The Middle East as a nagging irritant
Rami Khouri looks at stagnation and worse in the Middle East.
january 2009 by arabist
Adding Hunger to the Middle East Crises - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Rami Khouri highlights the impact of cost-of-living increases on already stressed Arab populations.
khouri  food  economics 
november 2008 by arabist
Rami Khouri for TIME: Is Dubai a REAL City?
rami khouri has some interesting ideas on what makes a great city.
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june 2008 by shehab

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