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김치 아이스크림·골프카트 호위…재미난 싱가포르 - 노컷뉴스
현지 시민들의 관심이 지대하고, 생중계하는 외국 기자들에게서도 에너지와 흥분이 느껴진다고 합니다.
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june 2018 by JINHONG
KFC struggles to give chicken away amid store supply crisis | Business | The Guardian
FareShare, which fights against hunger and food waste, was offered some of the surplus chicken but insisted on safety checks before agreeing to take it // logistics is hard!
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february 2018 by yorksranter
KFC back on the front foot this morning with print ad campaign. A bit of humour goes a long way.  
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february 2018 by fstorr

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