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Keyboard Glyphs - Meta Stack Exchange |
You need to use the <kbd> HTML tag:
<code class="language-html">
becomes CTRL+
stackexchange  stackoverflow  markdown  formatting  keypress  hotkey  solution 
february 2019 by kme
github/hotkey: Global DOM element activation
Global DOM element activation. Contribute to github/hotkey development by creating an account on GitHub.
keyboard-shortcut  hotkey  keypress  shortcut  keyboard 
january 2019 by jimthedev
A robust Javascript library for capturing keyboard input.
keyboard  keypress  js 
march 2018 by elivz
Node.js Raw Mode with Keystrokes
reading raw keypress codes in a node.js script

Sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested in.
node_js  javascript  programming  keypress 
august 2017 by brentfarwick
Continuous Authentication - BehavioSec
BehavioSec uses the way your customers type, swipe, and hold their devices, and enables them to authenticate themselves through their own behavior patterns.
keystroke  behavioral  Kifi  Private_Discussions  keypress  Quorum_Control  General  biodynamic 
april 2017 by quiz42
Keypress: A Javascript library for capturing input
"Keypress is an input capture [keyboard shortcut] library with some very special features, it is easy to pick up and use, has a reasonable footprint (~9kb), and has no dependencies."
javascript  keyboard  libraries  keypress  keyup  keydown  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
Event Handlers and Screen Readers | Unobfuscated: May 21, 2013
"Here is a table outlining the events delivered when you press the "ENTER" key on an anchor tag with various different roles applied to it (also shows the ctrl-option-SPACE events for VoiceOver as this is commonly used instead of the ENTER key by users)."
accessibility  keydown  keyup  a11y  nvda  jaws  voiceover  2013  keypress 
september 2016 by handcoding
javascript - Keydown Simulation in Chrome fires normally but not the correct key - Stack Overflow
Because Chrome sucks, you can't generate a normal keyboardEvent to simulate a keypress, it'll always be 0.
js  javascript  keypress  keydown 
may 2016 by timotheus

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