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Début d'année à venir = occasion idéale pour les entreprises d'inspirer et dynamiser leurs…
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december 2018 by AlexJubien
It makes such a difference. Really seems to allow for deeper listening when people aren’t a…
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july 2018 by bonni208
Behance :: Adobe Live - Replays
Watch replays of past Adobe Live shows and get a behind-the-scenes look at how creative professionals work.
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may 2018 by bobwassermann
​Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth pulls no punches on Red Hat and VMware in OpenStack cloud
“If you want OpenStack and Kubernetes support with vendor independence at a low price, Canonical is your company. If you prefer a partner, which offers a soup-to-nuts stack, but at a higher price, look to Red Hat. And, of course, if you're already wedded to VMware, you've made your choice. There's room for all these approaches to the 21st century cloud and containers.”
cloud  vmware  keynotes  linux  openstack  redhat  shuttleworth 
may 2018 by cote
Everything Apple Announced Today in Five Minutes - Mac Rumors
Apple today held its annual September iPhone-centric event, and this year's keynote saw the debut of some of the most impressive devices we've seen from the company in years. It took Apple two hours to introduce the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and 4K Apple TV, but we've recapped the entire event in just over five minutes for those of you who would like to get a quick overview of all the announcements.
Apple  iPhone  iPhoneX  iPhone8  AppleTV  4K  TechNews  Technology  iOS  iOS11  Keynotes  MacRumours 
september 2017 by dk33per
Apple Shares Full Video of Today's iPhone X Event Keynote on its Website - Mac Rumors
Apple's iPhone X event has officially wrapped up, so as it does for every keynote the company has now posted the full video of the event on its website. For anyone who avoided news of the event, couldn't watch due to work or school, or followed our spoiler-free post, you now have the chance to catch up with all of the reveals on your own time.
Apple  iPhone  iPhoneX  iPhone8  TechNews  Technology  iOS  iOS11  Keynotes  MacRumours 
september 2017 by dk33per
TGS 2006: Kutaragi talks PS3 at keynote - GameSpot
Sony Computer Entertainment president kicks off Japanese gaming expo with PS3-centric address but divulges few new details about the next-gen console.
KenKutaragi  Sony  PlayStation  TGS  TGS2006  Keynotes  PressConferences  PS3  JapaneseGames  Afrika(PS3)  GamingNews  GameSpot 
august 2017 by dk33per
TGS 2007: Sony announces DualShock 3, delays Home - PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot
Kaz Hirai's keynote address reveals rumble-enhanced controller due in 2007 in Japan, 2008 in NA and UK; PS3's avatar-based network delayed until next spring.
KazHirai  Sony  PlayStation  TGS  TGS2007  DualShock  Controllers  Keynotes  PressConferences  PS3  PlayStationHome  GamingNews  WaybackMachine 
august 2017 by dk33per

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