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Frank Eilers - Keynote Speaker & Visionär
Frank Eilers - Keynote Speaker & Redner der neuen Generation

Nach einer Weltreise änderte ich grundlegend mein Leben. Als studierter BWLer entschied ich mich gegen eine klassische Karriere und für ein Leben voller Experimente. "Do what makes you happy" ist dadurch zu meinem Lebensmotto geworden. Ich habe meine Leidenschaft zu meinem Beruf gemacht und darf heute über mein Lieblingsthemen nachdenken: Digitalisierung, digitale Transformation und die Zukunft der Arbeit bzw. Arbeit 4.0.
keynote  speaker  fun  Digital  digitaltransformation  comedy 
2 days ago by sebbi
Code highlighting for Keynote presentations
Code highlighting for Keynote presentations using the Highlight brew module
sublime  keynote  rtf  color  syntax  highlight  tools  plugins 
10 days ago by spaceninja
Copy and paste highlighted code from Safari into Keynote
you can copy and paste highlighted code from Safari into Keynote. Been using it with jEdit ages ago, should be easier now
slides  keynote  safari  syntax  highlight  color 
10 days ago by spaceninja
A white-label slide deck
Russell Davies has covered the basics of presentations over on his blog. These posts are terrific, so I thought I’d wrap all of his advice (and some of my own) up into a white-label keynote theme that people can then build on top of.
slides  presentation  keynote  speaking 
10 days ago by spaceninja
Dude, you broke the future! - Charlie's Diary
Charles Stross keynote speech at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, December 2017
tech  future  writers  keynote  talk 
17 days ago by warrenellis
Ludus · Limitless creativity for your slides
The web is full of beautiful ideas and services. Ludus is the first one to provide an easy way to gather them all in a single place.
keynote  powerpoint  presentation 
23 days ago by akalt
Ludus · Limitless creativity for your slides
The web is full of beautiful ideas and services. Ludus is the first one to provide an easy way to gather them all in a single place.
powerpoint  presentation  design  tools  Productivity  keynote  online  presentations  slide  slides 
24 days ago by dbarba
COP ART: Surveillance, art and the new ethics of data by Kate Crawford - YouTube
"Kate Crawford will talk on how our lives are being changed by the rise of machine learning, big data and predictive analytics. The 20th century models of privacy are struggling to keep up with new computation techniques and pervasive networks of surveillance. But artists have been experimenting with these tools in order to ask the hardest question: what will we do about it? In this talk, Crawford will consider the intimate landscapes of data prediction, and how contemporary artists are leading the way in thinking about the ethics of data."
talk  privacy  data  keynote  ethics  algorithms  society 
27 days ago by ssn

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