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Reimagining Britain by Justin Welby review – praiseworthy vision | Books | The Guardian
The last archbishop of Canterbury who had a real impact on the social wellbeing of our society was William Temple who, working with his fellow Christian, the economic historian RH Tawney, and their friend William Beveridge, helped to shape the intellectual and moral climate that bore political fruit in 1945.
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The Republican Fiscal Stimulus Could Be Bigger Than Obama’s - The New York Times
I kind of worry about this. I believe there is significant spare capacity and the US can borrow the money. Therefore I should believe this will generate substantial GDP growth. If you accept Keynesian principles you have to accept they work for bad people too.
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Episode 641: Why We Work So Much : Planet Money : NPR
KESTENBAUM: You could see this as a trap, as a sad thing. But Freeman does not. He's a big fan of John Maynard Keynes, but not on the 15 hour workweek thing. There's a nice bit of writing in Freeman's essay. I'm just going to read it here. (Reading) As members of a thinking species on a small planet in a giant universe, with no more than 80 to 90 years of life, I think it is wrong to sit on our haunches and enjoy economic well-being. We are, after all, in a great race for life against death, for knowledge against ignorance, for exploring and understanding the world around us before the big contraction or crash or whatever comes next. And hard work is the only way forward. Thank heavens Keynes was wrong about the strength of human devotion to work. We should not spend more than a dribble of time living as if we were in Eden.

Then there's one more line. Do you remember the last line of your piece?


KESTENBAUM: Grandchildren, keep trucking.

FREEMAN: Oh, that's great (laughter).
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6 weeks ago by gimber
Microsoft Word - Why-Do-We-Work-More-Keynes-Expected_for-Pecchi-Piga-VOL-4-07.doc
As members of a thinking species on a small planet in a giant universe with no more than 80-90 years of life, I think it is wrong to sit on our haunches and enjoy economic well-being. We are, after all, in a great race – for life against death, for knowledge against ignorance, for exploring and understanding the world around us before the Big Contraction or Crash or whatever comes next. And hard work is the only way forward. Evolution presumably imbued us with a work ethic for our survival and not for a Garden of Eden existence. That is fine with me..

Keynes ended his essay by telling us that we ought not overestimate the importance of the economic problem in the face of “other matters of greater and more permanent significance”, without specifying those “other matters”. He hoped that as economic scarcity diminished economists would become humble, competent people, on a level with dentists. Dentistry? Talk about dismal professions. My hope for us and for our grandchildren is quite different. If by working hard and devising new incentive and market forms and advancing our understanding of economic behavior, economists can get ourselves thought of as visionary creative social scientists, on a level with entrepreneurs or science fiction writers or jazz musicians, that would be splendid! And if we can’t be that cool, I’d rather be a sociologist than a dentist.

In short, thank heavens Keynes was wrong about the strength of human devotion to work. There is so much to learn and produce and improve that we should not spend more than a dribble of time living as if we were in Eden. Grand children, keep trucking.
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Retrospectives: John Maynard Keynes, Investment Innovator
An analysis of Keynes's performance as an institutional investor, and his invention (independent of Graham and Dodd) of value investing.
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6 weeks ago by robmiller
Years of austerity 'have left UK with same level of public spending as it had 10 years ago' says IFS | The Independent
Everything really comes down to this. The world turned out to be deeply Keynesian in that the govt can't achieve its planned savings because its income always falls short
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Keynesian Economics Without the Phillips Curve — Roger E. A. Farmer
Our findings show that an agnostic economist who placed equal prior weight on both theories would conclude that the FM model knocks the NK model out of the ball park
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october 2017 by yorksranter
Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world | News | The Guardian
Stephen Metcalf on the rise of neoliberalism, focusing on its displacement of concern for or attention to values beyond those recognized by the market.
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september 2017 by johnmfrench
Fed told public spending can lift ailing economies   
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Jason Furman, the former chair of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers who is now at Harvard, responded to the paper with a simple conclusion: “We have been giving catastrophically bad advice to countries with high debt to GDP ratios.”
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august 2017 by yorksranter
Your country needs funds: The extraordinary story of Britain’s early efforts to finance the First World War | Bank Underground
So to cover its tracks, the Bank made advances to its chief cashier, Gordon Nairn, and his deputy, Ernest Harvey, who then purchased the securities in their own names with the bonds then held by the Bank of England on its balance sheet. To hide the fact that the Bank was forced to step in, the bonds were classified as holdings of ‘Other Securities’ in the Bank of England’s balance sheet rather than as holdings of Government Securities (Wormell, 2000).
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