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[Service] Soldering/desoldering, assembly/disassembly, switch services (east coast) : mechmarket
It looks like here’s another person offering soldering/assembly services for keyboards, if you should need that.
soldering  keyboards  mechmarket  2019 
yesterday by handcoding
Diverge 4 now available: Split Ergo + Anodised Milled Aluminium + RGB LED + USB Type C : MechanicalKeyboards
(It looks like this came out on December 14, 2018:)
“Man, this has been a long time coming, for those of you who don’t know me, I was one of the first few people to mass produce split ergos back when they weren’t as easily accessible as today. I’m happy to announce that Project Legio, a series of projects that has been in development for over a year is finally bearing fruit!

“The Diverge 4 is a split ergo similar to the ErgoDox with an anodised milled aluminium unibody case, RGB LEDs, USB Type C, and an ARM Cortex processor with a maximum allowed layer count of 59 (yes you read that right!), have to say I did not compromise one bit making this thing, everything everyone wants is basically in here except for wireless features.

“Summary Features:
“• 72 keys and up to 59 layers
“• Individually addressable RGB LEDs with up to 16.8 million colour combinations
“• Fully rebindable/customisable with GUI software Arbites (screenshot)
“• Two sides talk via I2C. Layers, modifiers, LED controls, etc could all be shared across both sides, each side could also act as an independent keyboard
“• Very beautiful milled aluminium shell (I shit you not it is gorgeous)
“• Toggleable NKRO/6KRO, works in BIOS too
“• Dual roles modifiers
“• Tap dance keys
“• Macros
“• by default 5160 bytes of persistent storage for layouts, macros, special functions, etc, customizable up to 16KB.”

(And via one of the comments, it looks like theres’s a tenting kit too:)
“I’m currently away from office and don’t have the tent kit with my personal Diverge 4, but it uses the same tent kit as the Diverge 3.

“Acrylic disks and silicone feets are included, they could be attached to two of the spots on the bottom plate of the Diverge 4 to tent the keyboard up to 20 degrees.


“A 3 height adjustable piece is in development and I’ll probably have that available as a separate accessory in a month or two.”
keyboards  unikeyboard  reddit  2018  split  ortho  ortholinear  diverge 
5 days ago by handcoding
[guide] Lubricating Zealios switches : MechanicalKeyboards
r/MechanicalKeyboards: Keyboard lovers Clicking and Clacking in a content rich, friendly place. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content.
keyboards  lubing  ping  custom  work 
6 days ago by xer0x
joeyjyliu/kinesis_adv2_qmk: A drop-in PCB replacement for Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard for QMK firmware
“A drop-in PCB replacement for Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard for QMK firmware.

“Based on the work from Stapelberg and Wunsch. What I have done is updating the thumb clusters connectors on the board. No more desoldering for the thumb clusters anymore on the Advantage2 keyboard. Just plug the connectors on the new board and you are ready to go for QMK firmware. If you want to revert it back, just replace the original PCB.”

kinesis  qmk  reddit  keyboards  stapelberg  2018 
9 days ago by handcoding
[GB] Kinesis Contoured/Advantage/2 QMK mod kit R2: still open : MechanicalKeyboards
As of May 2018, it looks like this person was still offering Kinesis Advantage 2 mod kits for Stapelberg.
stapelberg  kinesis  qmk  2018  keyboards  reddit 
9 days ago by handcoding
Pavel Fatin » Blog Archive » Typing with pleasure - Blog about human and technology
Among other things, this post compares the input latency of various editors, including Notepad++, Sublime Text, and Atom. (Atom does terribly, while Notepad++ does pretty well.)
latency  input  keyboards  atom  notepad  2018 
9 days ago by handcoding
kinX: Keyboard Hacking - YouTube
At 7:36 in this video, Michael Stapelberg (of the Stapelberg controller fame) talks about a reverse-engineered version of the Kinesis firmware that apparently resolves the stuck-modifier bug.

Also, the bits around 10m:00s have some great bits on latency. (Interestingly enough, he also mentions that USB up until version 3 didn’t have any interrupts—it worked solely through polling.)
keyboards  stapelberg  firmware  video  youtube  2018  kinesis  latency 
9 days ago by handcoding
[Service] Taeha Types' Keyboard Build Services : mechmarket
It looks like this fellow is offering keyboard-building services.
keyboards  soldering  2019  reddit 
11 days ago by handcoding
Ergodox EZ Configurator
This isn’t a bad layout if you use (), {}, and [] a bunch—it puts the layer-swap key at the bottom right, so it kinda feels like hitting shift, apparently.
ergodox  keyboards  layouts  2019 
11 days ago by handcoding
What Group Buy sites do you keep an eye on? : MechanicalKeyboards
(This thread offers some potential leads on sites for group buys—)
“I’ve been kicking myself for missing a few awesome GB’s, and now I’m paranoid what else might be out there that I don’t even know about.

“Here’s a few that I’m aware of:
keyboards  reddit  groupbuys  2019 
13 days ago by handcoding
Brydge - Award Winning Bluetooth Keyboards for iPad & Surface Pro
This looks to be that iPad keyboard that matches up pretty well against the MacBook Pro’s keyboard. (via:
keyboards  ipad  2019 
14 days ago by handcoding
The Comparative Guide to Mechanical Switches - Input Club
View the results of our mechanical switch tests where we measured Cherry MX, Kailh (Kai Hua), Gateron, Razer, Outemu, Greetech and Epic Gear switches.
mechanical  keyboard  keyboards  guides  mechanicalkeyboard  switch  computer  guide  2018  comparison 
14 days ago by cakeface

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