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Conservatism, Donald Trump & Politics of Cooties | National Review
“In practice, of course, the big ideas get trampled into mush by the stampeding herds of independent thinkers. The social-justice Left and the apocalyptic Right of “binary” politics both show that you don’t have to know what streitbare Demokratie is to embrace some mutant version of it. (For populists, it’s always 1933, the other side is always the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler, and hysterical politics — “resistance!” — is the moral equivalent of war.)”
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Austin City Limits / by Kevin Williamson (CRB, 2019/02/21)
“Wright complains that he knew no liberals and hardly any Democrats growing up in a state that was at the time almost uniformly Democratic and whose political foundation was New Deal liberalism. (I myself grew up not far from New Deal, Texas, surrounded by cotton farmers who would barely spit the word “Republican”—but then, I worked at 7-Eleven and think Buc-ee’s is pretty interesting, so I suppose I have unfair advantages.) Only four of Dallas’s 59 theoretically nonpartisan mayors have been Republicans, and none served before the 1980s. Rick Perry first held office as a Democrat (his CV does not emphasize his energetic support for the presidential campaign of Al Gore) and Texas did not go all meshuga Republican until the 1990s. The state didn’t have a Republican governor between Reconstruction and the Reagan era. If Wright didn’t know any Democrats, he wasn’t looking very hard.”
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Out of Time - Kevin Williamson (National Review)
But why recommend the notes? Why not the poem?
The notes do have much to recommend them. In *The Idea of a Christian
Society*, Eliot wrote that while his American students collectively enjoyed
a very broad education, “it might have been better if they had read fewer,
but the same books.” His notes might well be taken as his recommended
I have previously suggested that some innovative college should organize an
undergraduate seminar around Eliot’s “Waste-Land” notes, having the
students read (over the course of a year, I think, rather than a semester)
all of the works referenced therein, either in whole or in part. That would
include: *From Ritual to Romance*, Jessie Weston’s study of Arthurian
legends and the Holy Grail tradition; *The Golden Bough*, an examination of
mythology and ancient religious practices by James George Frazer, focusing
on the ritual sacrifice of priest-kings (and hence an excellent guide to
modern presidential politics); the Biblical books of Ezekiel and
Ecclesiastes; a good deal of Charles Baudelaire’s poetry; *The Divine
Comedy*; John Webster’s *The White Devil*; Edmund Spenser’s “Prothalamion”;
Paul Verlaine’s “Parsifal”; the *Aeneid*; *Paradise Lost*; *Anthony and
Cleopatra* and *The Tempest*; Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress”; John
Day’s *Parliament of Bees;* Thomas Middleton’s *Women Beware Women*;
*Metamorphoses*; Sappho’s fragments (maybe in the form of Anne Carson’s *If
Not, Winter*); *The Vicar of Wakefield*, one of the most popular novels of
its time but now largely forgotten; James Anthony Froude’s *History of
England*; Augustine’s *Confessions*; Henry Clarke Warren’s *Buddhism in
Translations*; the Upanishads; *Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America*;
Ernest Shackleton’s memoirs (published as *South: The Story of Shackleton’s
Last Expedition* *1914–1917*); Herman Hesse’s *A Glimpse into Chaos*;
Francis Herbert Bradley’s *Appearance and Reality*; Gerard de Nerval’s poem
“El Desdichado”; Thomas Kyd’s *The Spanish Tragedy, or Hieronimo Is Mad
Again*, which is thought to have been an influence on *Hamlet*, among other
plays; and “Pervigilium Veneris
meaning “The Vigil of Venus,” a Latin poem of unknown authorship. Ideally,
this would be followed by a field trip to St. Magnus Martyr Church in
London, which Eliot first admired for Christopher Wren’s interior; Eliot
said that in his earlier life he had appreciated the church’s splendor,
but, after his conversion to Christianity, for its utility. And, then, a
Wagner double bill.
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Kevin Williamson & The Atlantic: Our Fractured Media Landscape | National Review
“As we saw in the case of The Atlantic, achieving a robust identity is a difficult business. Ideally, it relies on the different audiences to whom you’re appealing being unaware of how the other understands you.”

“Likewise, for the past few months there seem to have been few jobs in America less hectic than that of a customer-service representative at the New York Times, processing cancellation requests over everything from Ross Douthat suggesting that a durable immigration deal should address restrictionist concerns, to an opinion staffer’s sartorial opinions on pants, to straight-news profiles on neo-Nazis, to a Pavlovian response to the sound of Bret Stephens typing.”
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Oh hey reminder of that time straight up said that "empathy is imaginary."…
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RT : .’s record of normalizing extremist Christianity was terrible long before the affair.…
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I have information for any man uncomfortable with the firing.

This is the new normal.

Women hav…
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I have information for any man uncomfortable with the firing.

This is the new normal.

Women hav…
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50 Wisconsins
Kevin Williamson demonstrates that the notion that Wall Street's money lines Republicans pockets is a canard, especially compared to the fact that union money actually does go almost exclusively to Democrats
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