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GitHub - rianhunter/wasmjit: Kernel Mode WebAssembly Runtime for Linux
Kernel Mode WebAssembly Runtime for Linux. Contribute to rianhunter/wasmjit development by creating an account on GitHub.
kernelspace  kernelmodule  webassembly  runtime  linux  kernel  opensource  floss 
3 hours ago by gilberto5757
The Battle of the Schedulers: FreeBSD ULE vs. Linux CFS
This paper analyzes the impact on application performance
of the design and implementation choices made
in two widely used open-source schedulers: ULE, the
default FreeBSD scheduler, and CFS, the default Linux
scheduler. We compare ULE and CFS in otherwise identical
circumstances. We have ported ULE to Linux, and
use it to schedule all threads that are normally scheduled
by CFS. We compare the performance of a large suite
of applications on the modified kernel running ULE and
on the standard Linux kernel running CFS. The observed
performance differences are solely the result of scheduling
decisions, and do not reflect differences in other subsystems
between FreeBSD and Linux.
There is no overall winner. On many workloads the
two schedulers perform similarly, but for some workloads
there are significant and even surprising differences.
ULE may cause starvation, even when executing
a single application with identical threads, but this
starvation may actually lead to better application performance
for some workloads. The more complex load balancing
mechanism of CFS reacts more quickly to workload
changes, but ULE achieves better load balance in
the long run.
freebsd  linux  kernel  scheduling  comp-sci  comparison  paper  filetype:pdf 
5 hours ago by jabley
GitHub - cfenollosa/os-tutorial: How to create an OS from scratch

Inspired by this document and the OSDev wiki, I'll try to make short step-by-step READMEs and code samples for anybody to follow. Honestly, this tutorial is basically the first document but split into smaller pieces and without the theory.

os  programming  tutorial  kernel 
5 days ago by jefframnani
systemtap notes
systemtap  kernel 
7 days ago by jinwik
CentOS 7 升级内核 - 简书
虽然有些人使用 Linux 来表示整个操作系统,但要注意的是,严格地来说,Linux 只是个内核。另一方面,发行版是一个完整功能的系统,它建立在内核之上,具有各种各样的应用程序工具和库。 虽然有些人使用 Linux 来表示整个操作系统,但要注意的是,严格地来说,Linux 只是个内核。另一方面,发行版是一个完整功能的系统,它建立在内核之上,具有各种各样的应用程序工具和库。 在正常操作期间,内...
kernel  centos 
7 days ago by jinwik

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