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the dice were loaded from the start - Chapter 1 - coyotesuspect - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
Kent can’t help it. He starts to laugh. This whole situation is fucked. He should have stayed in Boston. He should never have left Vegas in the first place. He’d figured it would be awkward to see Jack at the party, but he didn’t think he’d end up freezing to death with the guy in Vermont. He guesses there’s a certain sick poetry to that. Every time he’s made a calculated risk involving Jack, he’s gotten burned. He’s not accounting for all the variables correctly, like the fact that the universe hates him.

“Kent.” Jack’s hand lands heavily on his back. He shakes him. “Come on. Kenny. Get it together.”

“I’m going to kill you,” says Kent, into his hands. “I am literally going to murder you, Jack Zimmermann.”

“No, you’re not,” mutters Jack. “You need me for body warmth.”

Or: Kent gets invited to the book launch for Bad Bob's autobiography. Things don't exactly go as planned.
checkplease  kent/jack 
11 weeks ago by themadstork
live through this, and you won't look back - moeexyz - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
From the way Fedorov is watching them expectantly, it's clear that he has no idea who they are or their relationship to each other, which is certainly a first.

Kent looks like he's about to correct him, but Jack is hit with a wave of awkwardness. What would Kent even say? We're friends. We've met before. We planned for the exact situation you're in, once upon a time. We're cynical about love because we hurt each other so many times, and sometimes it was over that.

Before Kent can say any of it, and they go back to being people who avoid each other at parties, Jack blurts out, "Jack Zimmermann, nice to meet you," and holds out his hand.

Or, Jack and Kent are re-introduced, and pretend they don't know each other.
checkplease  kent/jack  futurefic 
12 weeks ago by themadstork
nothing but the best - Chapter 1 - coyotesuspect - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
Jack’s first year in the NHL doesn’t go as well as he had hoped.

Or: Jack is perfect, until he isn’t, and when he isn’t, he’s a disaster. He’s trying to land somewhere in the middle.
checkplease  kent/jack  wip 
august 2018 by themadstork
Seven-Year Itch - Idday - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m sorry,” Georgia says slowly, like she thinks she misheard him. “You said you’re… married?”

Amanda raises her eyebrows and taps something onto her keyboard. “That’s good to know, Mr. Zimmermann, but I’m sure you know that many of our players are married.”

“Right, but this is… different.” Jack says.

“Jack,” Georgia says, “Why did you never mention this before? Do I know your wife?”

“I’m sure you do,” Jack says carefully, “Only… it’s not a wife. It’s Kent Parson.”


(So what if they’re not pretending to be married. They’re still pretending to be happily married.)
checkplease  kent/jack  pretendrelationship 
june 2018 by themadstork
katarama: Fic: (Jealousy) Get the Best of Me
In the excitement of it all, Kent forgets a very, very important thing about Bad Bob Zimmermann.

Bad Bob Zimmermann is a terrible meddler.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  kent/bitty/jack  polyamory  jack/bitty  kent/jack 
november 2017 by pkoceres
achilleees: Fic: Sometimes You Make Me Blue
It’s pretty incredible, Kent thinks years later, that getting arrested for drug possession on the side of the road in a suburb of Boston makes for only the second worst trip he’s taken to see Jack.
fic  angst  unrequited/pining  kent/jack  jack/bitty  CheckPlease!  drugs  canonAU 
april 2017 by pkoceres
Mizzy: Fic: Didn't Ask for You
"Um, maybe because my Captain always gets stupid around Jack Zimmermann?"

Parse sighs, and doesn't respond, but his silence is probably damning.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  kent/jack  outed  breakup  postseries  canonAU  unrequited/pining  closeted  angst 
december 2016 by pkoceres

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