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Reactions to Obama's Keystone decision fall along party lines - New Hampshire
Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she was disappointed by the administration’s decision.

“As our nation accelerates towards a clean energy future and a healthier environment, conventional sources of energy will remain an important part of our energy mix in the near term, and ideally North American energy sources — rather than those from the Middle East — should be utilized to meet our energy needs,” she said.
NewHampshire  UnionLeader  KeystoneXL  oil  pipeline  TransCanada  KellyAyotte 
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Editorial: Ayotte should join push for carbon tax - Concord Monitor
A Republican entrepreneur who wants his party to take climate change seriously has donated a half-million dollars to Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s re-election effort. Plunging energy prices just caused Canada to hit the brakes on the Keystone Pipeline to carry tar sands south through the United States, a plan Ayotte long supported. Polls show that a majority of Americans now believe that climate change is real and caused by pollution from human activity. Ayotte is in a tight race with New Hampshire’s Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, who has a strong record on environmental issues.
ConcordMonitor  KellyAyotte  environment  MaggieHassan  CleanPowerPlan  carbonemissions  carbontax 
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Ayotte joins Democrats to back EPA Clean Power Plan - Political Monitor
“We are thrilled that Senator Kelly Ayotte is standing up to big polluters by joining Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster and Governor Maggie Hassan in supporting the Clean Power Plan,” said Rob Werner of the League of Conservation Voters New Hampshire. “Her support for this commonsense plan to cut carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants comes at a critical time as congressional attacks on it are expected to ramp up in the coming weeks.”
ConcordMonitor  CleanPowerPlan  KellyAyotte  JeanneShaheen  MaggieHassan  carbonemissions 
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Ayotte, Shaheen, Hassan back EPA's Clean Power Plan - New Hampshire Union Leader
“Kelly has always taken a commonsense approach to do what’s right for New Hampshire, and she has a strong record in the Senate when it comes to protecting our extraordinary environment,” Gregg said. “Her support for the Clean Power Plan reflects her independent leadership and her steadfast commitment to advancing New Hampshire’s tradition of responsible environmental stewardship.”
UnionLeader  KellyAyotte  JeanneShaheen  MaggieHassan  CleanPowerPlan 
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Dept. of Energy asked to re-open Northern Pass environmental review - New Hampshire Union Leader
“This is a 192-mile long project, and all but three miles of it were fully analyzed in the draft EIS,” she said. “We find it disingenuous that the same groups that argued for increased underground to protect areas such as the White Mountain National Forest now argue that a project redesign that reduces environmental impacts ... requires still further analysis.”
UnionLeader  NorhternPass  EIS  DOE  eversource  route  SPNHF  AMC  AudubonSociety  opponents  AnnieKuster  KellyAyotte 
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Ayotte Says Northern Pass Needs To Bury More than 60 Miles - New Hampshire Public Radio
Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte says she’s not satisfied with Eversource’s plan to bury an additional 52 miles of the controversial Northern Pass project.
NHPR  KellyAyotte  Eversouce  NorthernPass 
august 2015 by northernpass
Franconia:Ayotte Thanked For Her Efforts Against Northern Pass - The Caledonian-Record
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, and state Sen. Jeanie Forrester, R-Meredith, were given a warm welcome in Franconia Wednesday and applauded for their efforts against the proposed Northern Pass Transmission line.
KellyAyotte  NorthernPass  opponents  CaledonianRecord 
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Anti-pipeline group plans to attend Ayotte town hall in Richmond - Local News
Slightly more than 1,500 signatures have been added to an online petition calling for the state’s political leadership to delay the progress of a proposed gas pipeline that would cross parts of southern New Hampshire.

The petition, created by the statewide anti-pipeline activist group NH Pipeline Awareness, is addressed to Gov. Maggie Hassan, U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Ann McLane Kuster and Rep. Frank Guinta.
kindermorgan  Sentinel&Enterprise  Keene  KeeneSentinel  KellyAyotte  MaggieHassan  JeanneShaheen  opponents  opposition  petition  NH  NewHampshire  townmeeting  pipeline  project 
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Northern Pass Avoids Burial Discussion - The Caledonian-Record
A month after U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, called for full burial of Northern Pass and joined the N.H. Delegation in voicing concerns about the federal review process, Northern Pass remains silent on the issue of additional line burial.
CaledonianRecord  NorthernPass  KellyAyotte  burial  underground 
october 2014 by northernpass
Energy Policy: Regional Wild Card in the Midterms? -- RealClearPolitics
New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen cited the bill as one of her defining achievements in the upper chamber. “It would advance the ball on the environment and climate change … and save consumers lots of money,” Shaheen said. “One of my areas of focus has been on the economy … and one of the things we know is the energy sector is a place where we can create jobs.”
RealClearPolitics  JeanneShaheen  ScottBrown  NewHampshire  nhpolitics  NH  election  Obama  climatechange  environment  energymarket  energyprices  energyconservation  energyefficiency  energy  jobs  KellyAyotte  Ayotte  Maine  MA  NewEngland 
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Berlin mayor criticizes Ayotte for wanting Northern Pass lines burried | New Hampshire NH Angle
It is important to consider that the construction of overhead transmission lines will create jobs for the approximately 600 New Hampshire electric line workers, while the construction of underground transmission lines will create jobs for foreign workers of foreign-owned businesses.
NHAngle  UnionLeader  NH  NewHampshire  PaulGrenier  jobs  NorthernPass  Ayotte  KellyAyotte  business  economy  burial  underground  local  construction  electric  transmission  northcountry  whitemountains  project  AMC  SPNHF  CLF 
september 2014 by northernpass
Multiple Articles - Coos County Democrat
"Ayotte's Position on Northern Pass is irresponsible" (A4) "The North Country's Economy Needs Northern Pass to Happen" (A4)"$250,000 NBRC Grant Goes to CEDC to Help Build Cell Tower" (A8)
CoosCountyDemocrat  EdithTucker  NorthernPass  KellyAyotte  NorthCountry  Economy  celltower  construction  jobs  AMC  SPNHF  CLF  paulgrenier  local  investment  senate  NH  newhampshire  berlin 
september 2014 by northernpass
Grenier criticizes Ayotte over Northern Pass position - Berlin Daily Sun
(This has also appeared in the Colebrook Chronicle) It is important to consider that the construction of overhead transmission lines will create jobs for the approximately 600 New Hampshire electric line workers, while the construction of underground transmission lines will create jobs for foreign workers of foreign-owned businesses. Typically, the manufacturers of underground cable bring in their own workers from outside New Hampshire to install this specialty cable. While I believe there needs to be additional burial in sensitive areas, to take a position that the entire 180-mile project should be underground, and eliminate job opportunities
for New Hampshire workers is simply irresponsible and lacks the thoughtfulness we expect from our political leaders.
jobs  paulgrenier  NorthernPass  KellyAyotte  positive  BerlinDailySun  Opinion 
september 2014 by northernpass
Multiple articles - Colebrook Chronicle
Two project-supportive letters (pages 4-5) and a story about a biomass heating project in Colerbook
NorthernPass  positive  Opinion  Colebrook  paulgrenier  KellyAyotte 
september 2014 by northernpass
Editorial: Voters should move climate higher on list - Concord Monitor
If, as we hope, New Hampshire residents have come to recognize that climate change is warming our winters, changing the state’s historic species, killing off our moose and threatening our tourist economy, they will move it up on their list of concerns. And, if climate change proves to be a serious factor in the Shaheen-Brown race, Sen. Kelly Ayotte might be moved to help her party take the problem seriously.
ConcordMonitor  Opinion  globalwarming  climatechange  fossilfuels  KellyAyotte  JeanneShaheen  ScottBrown  tourism 
september 2014 by northernpass
Ayotte: All Of Northern Pass Should Be Buried - The Caledonian-Record
Coming off a hike to the Kinsman Ridge, near where Northern Pass towers would go, U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, issued her strongest position to date on the line - that all of it should be buried, along highway corridors.
CaledonianRecord  NorthernPass  KellyAyotte  AMC  EastonConservationCommission  burial  underground 
august 2014 by northernpass
Ayotte says Northern Pass lines should be buried beneath roads - New Hampshire Union Leader
Citing a precedent in New York and echoing a recommendation by the town’s Conservation Commission, U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) on Thursday said the Northern Pass transmission project should be entirely buried beneath New Hampshire’s roads.
UnionLeader  KellyAyotte  NorthernPass  AMC  burial  underground  EastonConservationCommission  CHPE 
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