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Hello there, and welcome! This is an encyclopedia about everything and anything related to the best movie ever, "The Secret of Kells!" We're having a little trouble with the articles, links, pictures and most especially the homepage, so you are free to edit or create your own articles.
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february 2017 by seano1
The Secret of Kells (2009) — The Movie Database
stylish gentle animation about a young boy living in kells abbey and the threats beyond the wall
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october 2014 by noii
Cornell Chronicle: Researcher uncovers secrets of 'Kells angels'
They hypothesize that the Magic Eye technique was used to create the unreasonably precise repeating patterns in the Book of Kells and other knotwork illustrations -- apparently you can get dissecting-microscope-level magnification of discrepancies between two images that way. Cool!
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january 2010 by infryq

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