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Capital One Keen on Coupons – acquires Wikibuy – Daily Fintech
Outside of airports, reward schemes and shopping discounts with credit card schemes are notoriously bad and difficult to use. Right now I could not tell you a single discount my Amex entitles me too – maybe Hertz or some obscure wine delivery company? Zero idea.
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november 2018 by marshallk
RT : Calling all designers. Shameful screenshot action here but we are 💥 please email us at if y…
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april 2018 by dermotcasey
(112) Renegade Inc. & What to expect in 2018 - YouTube
UK BOE QE trap - the road to normalisation - without counter engagement (productive investment), and further Austerity, tax evasion, inequality, income gap, secular stagnarion, less money to spend for the average joe === very bumpy uncertain ride. ... and add Brexit even more uncertainty. OUCH. real growth for real people not gonna happen. // see also RAWerden Richard Andreas Werner for bank reform (local non-profit et al) // also consumers will hold back. especially w trickle down of bad news. job losses here and there retail inflation wage growth etc. creating a impression of a malaise especially for the 50% who voted remain. and 30% who didnt go vote. // see also news 8or7 out of 10 workers broke/permanently skinned - and consumer debt at 2008 high //
BOE  QE  trap  Richard  Koo  UK  Austerity  productive  investment  underinvestment  productivity  Brexit  Steve  Keen  book  RAWerner  debt  bubble  asset  alternative  WallStreet  GDP  output  gap  uncertainty  2018  business  consumer  confidence  fiscal  policy  NHS  monetary  Carillion  PFI  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  credit  malaise  secular  stagnation  stagflation 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
The innovative and entrepreneurial university
US approach to the entrepreneurial university. 2013. US Department of Commerce.
STEM  KEEN  academicentrepreneurship 
december 2017 by jeromekatz
Professor? It's 'Academic Entrepreneur' to You
Excellent comparison of academic and business mindsets, with an emphasis on their similarity.
STEM  KEEN  academicentrepreneurship 
december 2017 by jeromekatz
Academic Entrepreneurship | Career Advice
Four-part series on how to go about being an academic entrepreneur.
STEM  KEEN  academicentrepreneurship  how-to  advice 
december 2017 by jeromekatz
The 4 Terrors of the Academic Entrepreneur | The Professor Is In
Pro-entrepreneurship. Lots of links to relevant articles and websites.
STEM  KEEN  academicentrepreneurship 
december 2017 by jeromekatz
Analytics API Reference | Keen IO
"Saved queries allow you to easily access your favorite metrics. Rather than entering the same query parameters over and over again, queries can be easily saved, edited, and shared with your teammates."
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august 2017 by earth2marsh

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