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By Killing a Puppy, the Creators of John Wick Birthed a Franchise
"So do you need any backstory? Do you need another character to open a folder that says, ‘John Wick is a badass?’ Or would you rather just see it? Does Keanu Reeves have any credibility problem with John Wick? No. He is a badass."
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september 2018 by grahams
Kean U. grad gets 90 days in jail over threatening tweets |
“Kayla McKelvey, the African-American Kean University graduate who sent tweets threatening black students to draw attention to a protest against racism, is escorted out of the courtroom after Superior Court Judge Robert Mega sentenced her to 90 days in the Union County Jail and 5 years probation. Elizabeth, NJ 6/17/16.”
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november 2016 by cbearden
is a masterclass in transitioning from sketch comedy to the big screen
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april 2016 by jeffcarroll

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