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26 | Black Mountain College — Do Not Touch
"We're going back to school and learning about an arts college in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. For 24 years the college attracted famous teachers and produced students who would go on to achieve their own fame. I have two guests speaking to me about Black Mountain - Kate Averett from the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and Professor Eva Diaz from Pratt Institute."
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2018  abstractexpressionism  almastonewilliams  alternative  anarchism  annialbers  art  arthistory  arts  bauhaus  blackmountaincollege  blackmountaincollegemuseum  bmc  buckminsterfuller  chance  charlesolson  cognition  communes  dance  democracy  deschooling  discipline  dorothearockburn  education  ego  elainedekooining  evadiaz  experimental  exploration  expression  expressionism  form  gender  happenings  hazellarsenarcher  highered  highereducation  hippies  history  horizontality  howwelearn  howweteach  howwework  identity  improvisation  inclusion  inclusivity  integration  jacoblawrence  johnandrewrice  johncage  johndewey  josefalbers  karenkarnes  lcproject  learning  liberalarts  maryparkswashington  mercecunningham  music  northcarolina  openness  openstudioproject  outsiders  pedagogy  poetry  radicalism  rayjohnson  refugees  roberrauschenberg  self-directed  self-directedlearning  self  spontaneity  susanweil  teaching  technique  transience  transilience  unknown  unschooling  vision  willemdekooning 

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