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Ten Reasons People Resist Change - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Harvard Business Review
10 normal resistance to change
- Loss of control.
- Excess uncertainty.
- Surprise, surprise!
- Everything seems different.
- Loss of face.
- Concerns about competence.
- More work.
- Ripple effects.
- Past resentments.
- Sometimes the threat is real.
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september 2012 by tom.reeder
bethkanter - Social Media Game for Filmmakers
1. Workshop participant split into groups of 4-6

2. Each group refines the statement to create a scenario.

3. Groups choose from a pack of tools cards to address scenario. What tools? Why? What are the benefits? What are the challenges? What additional information is needed?

4. Groups can add their own cards.

5. After choosing/adding cards to address the scenario, create a story. Throw in crisis, humor, dramatic effect -- use your filmmaking skills and background!

6. Elect one person or have the whole group retell the story to the whole class.
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february 2012 by lofting

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