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2 Tage nacheinander- wenn sich das fortsetzt, habe ich wohl einen Lauf.
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november 2017 by tmmd
REF CAM: MLS All-Stars vs. Real Madrid Get up close and very personal to the best action from the 2017 MLS All-Star Game Presented by Target. Referee Allen Chapman was outfitted with a camera to give fans a chance to experience the intensity and pace on the pitch as the MLS All-Stars faced off against […]
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august 2017 by wotek
Andriy presses him against the counter, kisses him long and slow as if they have all the time in the world. As if there is no world outside of the flat, no football, no families, no politics or religion or expectations. Just them, the room, a sink full of soapy dishes waiting to be done.


As orange juicey as Kaka/Sheva gets, but I like it.
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november 2014 by the_wild_son
Most of the time Kaká never is concrete about sadness; he has better things to do, being happy for one, or excited, or peaceful, and football at midnight in Sheva’s garden is all three of those, surely.

I have read this fic so many times. It calms me down
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november 2014 by the_wild_son
Sports Spectrum - Feature Story — Breaking The Mold
Christian article about Brazilian soccer star Kaka and his faith and soccer.
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april 2014 by milligan00
yeats: the definition of "follow your bliss"
have found it again! (the google-fu was not strong with me whenever i needed it!) note to self: send to anyone ever
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june 2013 by letsgofriday
Football : The Twitter Connection
Our friends over at Unibet were kind enough to provide us with this infographic about footballers on Twitter. There’s some frankly staggering numbers and statistics on there. Who knew Wayne Rooney could read, for one thing?


Information correct as of 8th January. For more infographics or for your betting needs, please visit Bet.Unibet.com
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january 2013 by davidmarsden
FIFA 12 | Christmas TV Ad - YouTube
I love this so much. No one knows how to talk, and I completely believe that Wayne Rooney is sufficiently dead inside not to know what to do with a puppy.
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december 2012 by missmollyetc

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