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Compare Medicare-for-all and Public Plan Proposals | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Several bills have been introduced in the 116th Congress that would expand the role of public programs in health care. As more legislation is introduced, we will continue to update the side-by-side comparison tool. The bills range in scope from broad proposals to create a new national health insurance program for all residents to more incremental approaches that offer a public plan option in addition to current sources of coverage, private or public. These bills are grouped into five general categories:

Medicare-for-all, a single national health insurance program for all U.S. residents:
Medicare for All Act of 2019 by Rep. Jayapal, H.R. 1384
Medicare for All Act of 2019 by Sen. Sanders, S. 1129
A new national health insurance program for all U.S. residents with an opt out for qualified coverage:
Medicare for America Act of 2019 by Rep. DeLauro and Rep. Schakowsky, H.R. 2452
A new public plan option that would be offered to individuals through the ACA marketplace:
Keeping Health Insurance Affordable Act of 2019 by Sen. Cardin, S. 3
Choose Medicare Act by Sen. Merkley, S. 1261 and Rep. Richmond, H.R. 2463
Medicare-X Choice Act of 2019 by Sen. Bennet and Sen. Kaine, S. 981 and Rep. Delgado, H.R. 2000
The CHOICE Act by Rep. Schakowsky, H.R. 2085 and Sen. Whitehouse, S. 1033
A Medicare buy-in option for older individuals not yet eligible for the current Medicare program:
Medicare at 50 Act by Sen. Stabenow, S. 470
Medicare Buy-In and Health Care Stabilization Act of 2019 by Rep. Higgins, H.R. 1346
A Medicaid buy-in option that states can elect to offer to individuals through the ACA marketplace:
State Public Option Act by Sen. Schatz, S. 489 and Rep. Luján, H.R. 1277.

To compare proposals, select an option from one of the columns below.
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24 days ago by Quercki
Action in der ße: 1893 wird Wilhelm II. wird, von Euren kommend, an der Ecke Römerbrücke vo…
Luxemburgerstra  Kaiser  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago by homofaber
Gas Trilogy, The (The Coral; Gas I; Gas II) - Oxford Reference
A: Georg Kaiser Pf: (1) 1917, Munich and Frankfurt; (2) 1918, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf; (3) 1920, Brünn (Brno) Pb: (1) 1917; (2) 1918; (3) 1920 Tr: (1) 1963; (2) 1925; (3) 1963 G: Trilogy of three dramas: (1) 5 acts, (2) 5 acts, and (3) 3 acts; German prose S: (1) Margarine factory and at sea, early 20th c.; (2) A gas factory, mid-20th c.; (3) The same gas factory, late 20th c. C: (1) 19m, 3f, extras; (2) 15m, 4f, extras; (3) 15m, extras(1) The Coral (Die Koralle). The Billionaire (or Millionaire) is the autocratic boss of a margarine factory, intent on acquiring as much wealth as possible in order to create a distance between himself and his unhappy poverty-stricken childhood. He makes regular gifts to the poor to salve his conscience, but, so that he can avoid contact with the downtrodden, gets his secretary to hand out alms. The Secretary is the secret double of the Billionaire, distinguishable only by the coral he wears on his watch chain. The Billionaire's son rebels against his father and becomes a stoker on a ship. When his father on his luxury yacht encounters him at sea, the Son's behaviour inspires his sister, and they both turn against their father, a rejection intensified when the Billionaire shows no charity after a factory disaster. The Billionaire, believing that his dream of creating a capitalist bulwark against chaos has been shattered by his children's attitude, discovers that his Secretary had a happy prosperous childhood. He kills his Secretary and assumes his identity by transferring the coral to his own watch chain. Arrested for murder, the Billionaire eventually eagerly embraces the Secretary's identity. He is visited by a Socialist, who had appeared earlier but, thanks to the Billionaire's exhortations, is now a successful capitalist. The Son congratulates the presumed Secretary for ridding the world of a tyrant, and the priest fails to impress the Billionaire with religion. Clutching his coral, the Billionaire goes resolutely to his execution. (2) Gas I. Many years have passed, and the Billionaire's Son now manages a gas factory, in which the workers all share in the profits. The Engineer reports that despite having an infallible formula, the gas will explode. The factory is devastated, and the Billionaire's Son determines that, rather than rebuild the factory, he will spare his workers from the drudgery of their repetitive tasks and free them from their machines. He proposes to divide the factory plot into smallholdings, so that the workers can live from the land. He tries to win his son-in-law to his cause, but this young soldier, having made debts from gambling, cannot free himself from the military code of honour and shoots himself. World capitalists, Men in Black, gather and demand the restitution of gas manufacture. At a mass meeting of the workers the Billionaire's Son pleads for the workers to abandon the factory and to live the simple life of a smallholder. However, they are won over by the arguments of the Engineer, who sneers at this rustic idyll and urges them to rebuild the factory. The workers storm back to the factory entrance, but their way is barred by the military, whom the Billionaire's Son has summoned. A Commissioner arrives and insists that the factory be reopened, since gas is needed for an impending war. The gates are opened, the workers pour in, and the Billionaire's Son finds himself alone with his vision of the New Man. His widowed daughter declares that she will give birth to him. (3) Gas II. The Billionaire's great-grandson is now a mere Billionaire Worker in the factory. The war is in full swing, and the Figures in Blue find that they are threatened with defeat, since the gas supply is failing. The Billionaire Worker explains that the workers no longer wish to produce gas, at last fulfilling his grandfather's dream of freedom from the machine. When the Figures in Yellow invade, the Chief Engineer urges the Blues to use poison gas to defeat the enemy. Despite the opposition of the Billionaire Worker, the gas is released, leading to universal annihilation.
german  expressionism  kaiser  musil  gas  literature 
april 2019 by auerbach
Doctor tells patient he doesn't have long to live through hospital robot's video screen - Story | KTVU
When Ernest Quintana went into Kaiser Permanente Medical Center's emergency department in Fremont on Sunday, his wife of 58 years, his son, daughter Catherine, and granddaughter Annalisia all...
doctor  fremont  kaiser  robot  tech  death  announcement 
march 2019 by xer0x
6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Kaiser Permanente Internship
Hear from some of our past interns on what a Kaiser Permanente Internship can do for your future.
social  internship  Kaiser 
february 2019 by TMP
Type Choice, Political Choice – Typographica
“Dutch Type Library posted a progress report on DTL Prokyon Cyrillic — an extension of the successful, well-drawn DTL Prokyon, designed by Erhard Kaiser. This prompted Erik van Blokland to ask: ‘Still the same designer?’

“The ensuing exchange of tweets confused me a little, but eventually I came to understand: Kaiser is a public supporter of the openly anti-Islamic organization LEGIDA (Leipzig against the Islamization of the Occident).”

“Eric Gill, for the uninitiated, was both a highly accomplished type designer and a rapist who molested his two daughters in their teenage years.”
typographica  2019  typefaces  gill  rapists  typography  kaiser  dtlprokyon 
february 2019 by handcoding
Renovated Kaiser Convention Center could open next year
2019 at 11:10 am | UPDATED: February 1, 2019 at 4:10 am

OAKLAND — After lying vacant for more than 13 years, the historic 105-year-old Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center at Lake Merritt could open its doors again next year as a restored theater, office, retail and restaurant space, with a terrace overlooking the lake and a new promenade.

The city-owned convention center — built in 1914 and designated a historic landmark — once hosted Martin Luther King Jr., as well as performances by Elvis Presley, James Brown and the Grateful Dead. It closed in 2005 as concert promoters started booking it less and the city lost money. The building has since fallen into disrepair.

The city in 2015 authorized Orton Development of Emeryville to renovate the building and today — a couple of years after an exclusive negotiating agreement between the two expired — the developer is seeking approval of its proposal and hopes to break ground this summer, with a completion target of late 2020. The proposal was discussed at a Design Review Committee meeting Wednesday and is scheduled to go before the city’s planning commission March 6, then to the City Council.
Oakland  Kaiser  auditorium  renovation  2019 
february 2019 by Quercki

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