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How to choose the number of topics/partitions in a Kafka cluster? - Confluent
Explanation of the tradeoffs between few and many partitions per topic in Kafka, including good per-broker and per-cluster limits by one of the original authors of the Kafka paper.
kafka  partitions  performance  latency  throughput  configuration 
2 days ago by michielbuddingh
Stream Processing for Go | Hacker News
ar with the roadmaps for Flink and Beam so I can't comment on that. I can however, speak to our roadmap.

For Go in particular, I'm going to be starting on performance improvements very soon. Beyond that, we are waiting for feedback from folks to determine w
Go  Kafka 
3 days ago by colin.jack
Gregor Z.
Zippy reads Kafka.
comics  Kafka  Zippy 
5 days ago by M.Leddy
One Kafka sentence
“If the period is omitted, then the sentence is no longer constrained and blows its entire breath at the listener.”
5 days ago by M.Leddy
Debezium Connector for MySQL
Uses MySQL's binary log to stream database changes.
kafka  changedatacapture  mysql  streaming 
5 days ago by look

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