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nodefluent/node-sinek: Most advanced high level Node.js Kafka client
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3 days ago by nharbour
Kafka, GDPR and Event Sourcing
Kafka, GDPR and Event Sourcing You probably already know that the EU has approved this nice piece of legislation called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that gives us back some control over our personal data. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  architecture  gdpr  kafka  messaging  programming 
4 days ago by jeremyday
Cloud-native and Scalable Kafka Architecture
Allen Wang talks about how Netflix addresses the issues of stability and scalability in a cloud environment by having many smaller and mostly immutable Kafka clusters with limited state changes. He proves the merit of this architecture in mathematical terms and illustrates how this architecture and additional tooling helps to improve availability, scale and failover
5 days ago by jessedavis

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