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Teacher's Pet - mific - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
John's got a medical kink - but Rodney's got other reasons to like being called "Doctor McKay"...
k:roleplay  f:sga  rating:nc-17  pwp  p:rodney/john 
february 2019 by miss_speller
The Penal System: leo_draconis
Summary: Auror Draco Malfoy finally catches the thief who's been breaking into shops all over Diagon Alley, and it's none other than Harry Potter - and Harry really wants to negotiate.
f:hp  p:h/d  est  rating:nc-17  pwp  k:roleplay 
january 2019 by miss_speller
Bacchanalian Circuit
Summary: "Let me get this straight. I have to run a gauntlet of your kinky sexual fantasies to get out of here?"
f:sga  p:rodney/john  fantasy!sex  l:atlantis  ancienttech  dubcon  k:roleplay 
september 2018 by miss_speller
Favs/Tommy Roleplay
Established relationship, Jon wearing his Jared Kushner Halloween costume to meet up with Tommy in a hotel bar when they're in DC (minus the flak jacket). Maybe he blindsides Tommy with it? Maybe it allows Tommy to exorcise his ~feelings in a healthy not-actually-hate-sex way?? Maybe Tommy's super rough, which Jon has been trying to push him into, but Tommy's always so careful???

WHO KNOWS. Fake!hate sex, probably sex crying, Tommy consistently checking in, ambush roleplay, under negotiated kink, YOU GET IT. Also someone should link the photo of Jon & Emily's amazing couple's costume.
k:roleplay  ch:jon-favreau  ch:tommy-vietor  s:filled  r:mm  p:tommy-x-favs 
march 2018 by pinksundress
Eduardo/Mark, domestic service kink
Eduardo likes taking care of Mark. Like, he really likes it.

I'd go for either Mark/Eduardo domestic service roleplay where they are together and Mark is totally aware of Eduardo's kink and maybe puts him in a French maid costume or something (also a butt plug while he's cleaning and doing chores would be optional but gr8?), OR maybe a dorm-era one-sided thing where Mark doesn't know Eduardo secretly gets off on doing little chores for Mark.
#eduardo/mark  _filled  _filled!completed  k:servitude  c:eduardo  c:mark  k:roleplay  r:established  r:one.sided  t:taking_care_of  u:canon_harvard  u:canon  +round5 
april 2017 by tsnkinkmeme
Kanji/Naoto (Gadgets? Spandex? Justice?!)
Kanji/Naoto, roleplay at Naoto's request.

Said roleplay involves the goddamn Batman. Toy around with this as you please.
*Unfilled  c:Kanji  c:Naoto  p_:m/f  p:Kanji/Naoto  k:Roleplay  m:Part3 
april 2017 by badbadbookmarks
Souji/Yosuke (Not Calling the Shots)
Yosuke/Souji - Souji needs a lack of control in order to get off. Forced blowjobs, improvised bondage, rape fantasy, you name it. Bonus if Yosuke kind of -likes- it, in spite of his misgivings, and feels guilty about it. D;
*Unfilled  c:Souji  c:Yosuke  p_:m/m  p:Souji/Yosuke  k:*Smut  k:Powerplay  k:Roleplay  k:WetDream+Fantasy  k:Bondage  k:Humiliation  m:Part3  k:Noncon 
april 2017 by badbadbookmarks
Yosuke/Yukiko (Extra Help)
A couple of months after Souji leaves Inaba, Yosuke finally gets fed up with the bickering, needling, ridiculous pressure of working at Junes. So he quits. Of course, he still needs a job [because he's accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle], and when Yukiko realises that he does, in fact, have an excellent work ethic and great customer service skills...

Yosuke/Yukiko with Yosuke working as a butler-maid-servant-thing at the Amagi Inn. <3
*Unfilled  c:Yosuke  c:Yukiko  p_:m/f  p:Yosuke/Yukiko  k:Roleplay  k:Butler/Maid  m:Part3  u:Post-Canon 
march 2017 by badbadbookmarks
Male!Naoto/Rise or Male!Naoto/Yukiko (Role Play)
I'd like guy!Naoto and Rise or Yukiko (preferably Rise but well, Yukiko works). Smut and fluff. Role playing. Like Elliot did in Scrubs. :3

Naoto/Rise - Bodyguard?
Naoto/Yukiko - Saving the princess in the castle? I dunno D:

Feel free to come up with your own idea~
*Unfilled  c:Naoto_(male)  c:Rise  c:Yukiko  p_:m/f  p:Naoto/Rise  p:Naoto/Yukiko  k:Roleplay  k:*Smut  k:*Fluff  m:Part3  k:Rescue/Protect  p:_Genderbend  k:Genderbend 
march 2017 by badbadbookmarks
Ensemble (A Game Much Like Reality)
Sometime in August, while Yosuke is doing stocking in Electronics, he finds a copy of a game at the bottom of the sale bin, one that came out a couple of years ago. Much to his surprise, the cover art shows him and his friends. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he takes it home to play it; it's a surreal experience, following what's been happening pretty precisely. And then he gets to August. And the game is very clearly not over. He's going to have to tell the rest of the team about it.

Bonus points for:
- Souji and Yosuke being gamer dorks over Persona stats and builds
- The girls finding out that the Protagonist has the option of dating all the girls at once and getting Suspicious
- Anyone watching anyone else's s.link events and going " ... seriously? You did that?"

Extra super bonus points for having an explanation for the game being there that's not complete and total crack.
*Unfilled  c:_Ensemble  c:Yosuke  p_:none  p:*Other  k:Games/Competition  k:*Humor+Crack  m:Part3  k:Roleplay 
december 2016 by badbadbookmarks
Yosuke, Ensemble (Secret Identity)
This is possibly due to all the stress that anon's been facing lately...

I watched this video quite some time back quite some time back.

What if on the day of the Featherman R event, the reason why Yosuke called the entire gang for help was because not only did the Junes girls bail out on him, he also had no choice but to stand in for the Featherman R performance? He doesn't want anyone to know that he's up there doing those crazy gestures and stunts, so he pretends to be busy elsewhere, goes up on stage, and after the event, changes back into his Junes apron and meets up with the gang. Maybe he manages to hide his face with a mask, or thick makeup.

Anon wants to see how crazy the day can go, with several close calls of Yosuke almost having his identity revealed

Bonus if Nanako is there at the event, a big Featherman R fan and is determined to get an autograph.

I will probably regret this once I get some sleep.
*Unfilled  c:Yosuke  c:_Ensemble  p_:none  p:*None  k:*Humor+Crack  k:Roleplay  k:*Gen  m:Part3 
november 2016 by badbadbookmarks
Naoto/Rise or Naoto/Choice (Undercover)
Naoto is shadowing a suspect for a case, and Rise wants to help out. She comes up with the perfect(?) undercover act to observe the suspect without being conspicuous - disguise themselves as girlfriend/boyfriend on a date!

It doesn't have to be Rise, if anon writer prefers, any party member could work, given that Naoto takes on the girlfriend role if shadowing with a boy?
*Unfilled  c:Naoto  c:Rise  c:*Choice  p_:f/f  p_:m/f  p:*Choice  p:Naoto/Rise  k:Roleplay  m:Part3  k:*Romance  k:*Humor+Crack 
november 2016 by badbadbookmarks
Piper/F!SS - Roleplaying
the weather keeps everyone cooped up at home so, while piper and f!ss stay at the settlement, they decide to let off some steam with some sexy roleplaying

ideas for scenarios:
-f!ss is a thief and piper is the cop who has to bring her in
-piper is f!ss's boss at the newspaper and fuck in secret so their coworkers don't find out
-f!ss is bringing her dog to the vet but has no money; piper is willing to accept sex as payment
-f!ss is a sexy nurse and piper is a patient
-piper as superman and f!ss as lois lane
c:piper  c:f!ss  s:f!ss/piper  k:roleplay  unfilled  r:f/f 
november 2016 by atomicwrangler
They fuck while one of them wears the Grognak costume. Bonus points if the Silver Shroud outfit makes an appearance. Even more for bad roleplay.
c:preston  c:maccready  s:maccready/preston  k:roleplay  k:clothes  unfilled  r:m/m 
november 2016 by atomicwrangler
Nanako, Chie/Yukiko, Souji/Yosuke (Prince & Princess)
Chie/Yukiko, Souji/Yosuke - On an outing with the Investigation Team, Nanako overhears Chie being referred to as "Yukiko's prince", and asks if Yosuke is Souji's princess.

Bonus points if she asks the same thing to Naoto in reference to Kanji. XD
*Unfilled  c:Nanako  c:Chie  c:Yukiko  c:Souji  c:Yosuke  c:Kanji  c:Naoto  p_:f/f  p_:m/f  p_:m/m  p:Souji/Yosuke  p:Chie/Yukiko  p:Kanji/Naoto  p:_Multi-Pair  k:Roleplay  k:*Fluff  m:Part3 
november 2016 by badbadbookmarks
Shiro accidentaly enters on Rape play,
Shiro enters training room or other place the wrong time and witnesses how one Paladin brutally rapes other. He is shocked, of course, but he valiantly saves the "victim", and even punches the "rapist". But then he learns that these two had consensual roleplay. All three are embarassed, but in the end all laugh.

Any pairing is good (Lance/Keith, Lance/Hunk, Keith/Hunk)
prompt:unfilled  ch:shiro  ship:any  sh:hunk_keith  sh:hunk_lance  sh:keith_lance  k:roleplay  k:non-con  ship:mm 
september 2016 by voltron_kink

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