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Translate a Docker Compose File to Kubernetes Resources - Kubernetes
What’s Kompose? It’s a conversion tool for all things compose (namely Docker Compose) to container orchestrators (Kubernetes or OpenShift). More information can be found on the Kompose website at http://kompose.io. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by booyaa
GitHub - Azure/azure-functions-core-tools: Command line tools for Azure Functions
The Azure Functions Core Tools provide a local development experience for creating, developing, testing, running, and debugging Azure Functions. Both v1 and v2 of the runtime can be installed on Windows. via Pocket
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yesterday by booyaa
Shayne Boyer: Running the Azure Functions runtime in containers on Kubernetes and more
The Azure Functions team has been doing some great work lately and as a part of that work the runtime for the runtime of the serverless function was ported to .NET Core 2.0 in late September. via Pocket
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yesterday by booyaa
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Azure Functions has become my standard framework for building serverless backends for Single Page Applications. It’s easy to get started with Azure Functions although the framework itself is really powerful and highly configurable. via Pocket
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yesterday by booyaa
GitHub - jsturtevant/azure-functions-kubernetes-chart: A chart for Azure Functions running on Kubernetes
Helm Chart for Azure Functions on Kubernetes Installing There are a few settings you should override: functionApp.name - name of your function apps your using resources.requests.cpu - required for Pod Autoscaler to work image. via Pocket
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yesterday by booyaa
Running the Azure Functions Runtime in Kubernetes · James Sturtevant
This is a two part series. The second post is on Deploying an Azure Function App to Kubernetes using a Helm Chart. The Azure Functions team recently released the preview of Azure Functions on Linux. via Pocket
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yesterday by booyaa
The Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework
Build advanced applications with FaaS on top of Kubernetes
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6 days ago by sschank
A debugger for Kubernetes applications.
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6 days ago by sschank
GitHub - google/gvisor: Container Runtime Sandbox
gVisor is a user-space kernel, written in Go, that implements a substantial portion of the Linux system surface. It includes an Open Container Initiative (OCI) runtime called runsc that provides an isolation boundary between the application and the host kernel. The runsc runtime integrates with Docker and Kubernetes, making it simple to run sandboxed containers.
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6 days ago by sschank
escalator: Escalator is a batch or job optimized horizontal autoscaler for Kubernetes
It is designed for large batch or job based workloads that cannot be force-drained and moved when the cluster needs to scale down - Escalator will ensure pods have been completed on nodes before terminating them. It is also optimised for scaling up the cluster as fast as possible to ensure pods are not left in a pending state.
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6 days ago by sschank
Istio currently supports service deployment on Kubernetes, as well as services registered with Consul or Eureka and services running on individual VMs.
8 days ago by jitero
eventrouter: A simple introspective kubernetes service that forwards events to a specified sink.
A simple introspective kubernetes service that forwards events to a specified sink.
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11 days ago by sschank

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