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Graceful Shutdown of Java Apps Under Docker - These Things Happen
tl;dr application-interrupts I ran across a problem recently when working on a Java application that needed to be allowed to finish processing its …
java  jvm  shutdown  hooks  containers 
21 hours ago by pinterb
ztellman/dirigiste: centrally-planned object and thread pools
centrally-planned object and thread pools. Contribute to ztellman/dirigiste development by creating an account on GitHub.
jvm  clojure  concurrency  thread  pool  java  async  workers  queue  library 
7 days ago by orlin
How to deploy Clojure applications
What are the options for deploying JVM Clojure applications to VPS, cloud, or Docker environments?
jvm  deployment  clojure  toread 
7 days ago by mac

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