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To allocate or to pool?
performing worse in batch mode, they really improve things in real-time mode.
jvm  performance  gc 
11 hours ago by shorn
jvm-profiling-tools/async-profiler: Sampling CPU and HEAP profiler for Java featuring AsyncGetCallTrace + perf_events
Sampling CPU and HEAP profiler for Java featuring AsyncGetCallTrace + perf_events - jvm-profiling-tools/async-profiler
java  jvm  performance  profiler  linux 
7 days ago by kwbr
Properly limiting the JVM’s memory usage (Xmx isn’t enough)
Dynamically calculate memory for a JVM based application in Docker
memory  docker  jvm  containers  container  cloudfoundry 
10 days ago by pinterb
This looks like a cool conference: GeekOUT EE 2019 – Technology Conference the follo…
JVM  from twitter
12 days ago by sammyrulez
GraalVM in 2018
Collection of videos and articles.
java  jvm  performance 
14 days ago by aapl

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