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Australian murder trial almost aborted after witness sends Facebook friend request to juror | Stuff.co.nz
A witness in Australia who sent a Facebook friend request to a female juror during the closing stages of a murder trial will face further investigation after his actions threatened to force the proceedings to be aborted. 

After six days of civilian witnesses and expert testimony in Newcastle Supreme Court, Wednesday started with a dramatic development.
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february 2017 by djhdcj
Jury Service and the Price of Curiosity – Emma-Louise Fenelon – UK Human Rights Blog
Like the 179,000 or so people selected at random from the electoral register each year in England and Wales, in July 2011 Ms. Theodora Dallas was summoned to attend jury service. Along with other jurors summoned that day, she was shown a video about their service, and told by the court’s jury officer that internet research about anyone involved in the trial was not permitted. For good measure, the jury waiting room contained notices stating “You may also be in contempt of court if you use the internet to research details about any cases you hear along with any cases listed for trial at the Court…”. The notices made it clear that contempt of court was punishable by a fine or by imprisonment.
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january 2017 by djhdcj
Trial by social media: why we need to properly educate juries
This week, the Standing Council on Law and Justice (which constitutes the attorneys-general of the Commonwealth, states and territories) published a report on the impact of social media on juries. The report was commissioned by the Victorian attorney-general Robert Clark.

Five universities, led by Bond University, were involved in writing the report which investigated the major challenges posed by social media as it relates to juries and fair trial. Our research included a look at model guidelines and warnings regarding prejudicial material, the role and limitations of sub judice contempt in relation to social media and development by courts internationally.
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october 2016 by djhdcj
Social Media in the Courtroom - Law Technology Today
Social media has changed the landscape of our society, and our courtrooms, forever. We no longer live in a world of waiting to watch the 5 o’clock news or to read the morning newspaper to find out the results of an election. Instead, our world is full of instant results, instant updates, and instant gratification. Any question you have about anything no longer requires a trip to the encyclopedia or library, but just a Google search from your couch. Opinions get validated (or ripped apart) as soon as they appear on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Our need for instant information and immediate answers could also mean that our collective patience has diminished.
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june 2016 by djhdcj
Two jurors given suspended sentences for contempt of court - BBC News
James Smith, 28, from Liverpool, admitted doing internet research during a Liverpool Crown Court trial in 2014.
At the joint hearing at London's High Court, Deborah Dean admitted contempt of court in regards to a Sheffield Crown Court trial.
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june 2016 by djhdcj
Judge, jury and Google | Pursuit by The University of Melbourne
Whilst an Australian juror has yet to be jailed, jurors have been exposed for looking up a defendant on Facebook and viewing maps of a crime scene. Yet again, this month, a Victorian juror was caught looking up the phrase ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ on the internet.
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