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The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete
"maniac in the middle"

"I spoke to a neuroscientist-turned-software-developer who contributed to Jupyter, who told me that the professor in charge of his former lab was originally an electrophysiologist—he actually measured neuronal activity with implanted electrodes. 'This kind of data is basically so costly, so expensive, and so good,' he said, that nobody would ever share it. 'You collect one batch of data and you can mine it for the rest of your career.'"
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BioJupies: Automated Generation of Interactive Notebooks for RNA-seq Data Analysis in the Cloud | bioRxiv
nteractive notebooks can make bioinformatics data analyses more transparent, accessible and reusable. However, creating notebooks requires computer programming expertise. Here we introduce BioJupies, a web server that enables automated creation, storage, and deployment of Jupyter Notebooks containing RNA-seq data analyses. Through an intuitive interface, novice users can rapidly generate tailored reports to analyze and visualize their own raw sequencing files, their gene expression tables, or fetch data from >5,500 published studies containing >250,000 preprocessed RNA-seq samples. Generated notebooks have executable code of the entire pipeline, rich narrative text, interactive data visualizations, and differential expression and enrichment analyses. The notebooks are permanently stored in the cloud and made available online through a persistent URL. The notebooks are downloadable, customizable, and can run within a Docker container.
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Jupyter Notebook Extensions – Towards Data Science
pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions && jupyter contrib nbextension install
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Microsoft Recommenders examples
This repository provides examples and best practices for building recommendation systems, provided as Jupyter notebooks.
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Doing the newlsetter thing... first issue of the year should be out tomorrow, erm, which…
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