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RT : 5.3.2 has been released! 🚫🐛

This release contains bug fixes for the ConsoleLauncher, assertions, parameteri…
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20 days ago by kousen
"A Brief History of Test Frameworks" from 2007 covering , Taligent, & with comments from and…
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7 weeks ago by chetan
📦 Das Schachtelprinzip, angewandt auf : zeigt, was mit 5 dank @ Nested-Annotation mögl…
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september 2018 by reinhard_codes
Randoop: Automatic unit test generation for Java
Randoop is an automatic test generator for Java. It automatically creates unit tests for your classes, in JUnit format.
automation  development  generate  java  testing-unit  tools  junit 
september 2018 by jeffjensen
RT : 5.3 is released! 🎉

🏎 Parallel Test Execution
📹 Output Capturing
🏭 New TestInstanceFactory Extension API
📄 T…
JUnit  from twitter
september 2018 by kousen
Unit test your Java architecture - ArchUnit
Unit test your Java architecture
Start enforcing your architecture using the test setup you already have.
development  framework  testing-general  architect  junit  free  opensource 
august 2018 by jeffjensen

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