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The next career step for Senior Software Engineers (that isn’t management)
You’ve been working as a programmer for a few years, you’ve been promoted once or twice, and now you’re wondering what’s next. The path until this point was straightforward: you learned how to work on your own, and then you get promoted to Senior Software Engineer or some equivalent job title. But now there’s no clear path ahead. Do you become a manager and stop coding? Do you just learn new technologies, or is that not enough? What should you be aiming for? In this post I’d like to ...
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october 2018 by xer0x
Gizmodo: The Story Behind Apple’s Newton
Tom Hormby: “When the first whispers of an Apple tablet started going around, we’d found it amusing that Apple hired back an old Newton PDA developer. Now that the mythical device is closer, we've been reminiscing more about Apple’s original tablet.”
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august 2018 by splorp
American League Preview and Free Pick: Mariners at Orioles
Seattle aims to earn their second straight victory tonight in Baltimore when the Mariners and the Orioles take the diamond for the second of a four-game series. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 p.m. ET at Camden Yards. The M’s send James Paxton (6-2, 3.72 ERA) to the hill to oppose the Orioles Kevin Gausman […]

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june 2018 by WagerTalk
Junior Strategy -
We created Junior Strategy to capture the point of view and advice of others.

Some of the most common advice we hear is that finding a good mentor is essential. We believe that direct and indirect mentors are everywhere and that you shouldn’t have just one.

It’s our hope that this project will become a resource to help inspire and grow the junior community the same way a good mentor would. We aim to talk with a variety of insiders in strategic roles, from client side to agency side, from communications to product design. We will also aim to highlight informants, those who inform and inspire our strategic thinking from outside of the industry.

We would love for Junior Strategy to become a community that grows beyond Amsterdam and Europe. If you have ideas or questions that you’d like us to be asking, please get in touch anytime.
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june 2018 by eugenexxv

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