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Bird And Lime Scooters Are Staying In Santa Monica — And 2 Other Companies Will Join Them: LAist
Bird and Lime scooters will continue zipping around Santa Monica — at least until 2020— and they'll have some company. The vendors are two of the four selected to participate in the city's shared mobility pilot program, which is set to run for 16 months. The decision was announced Thursday by Planning and Community Development director David Martin.

The two other companies salted for the program are Lyft and Jump (which is owned by Uber), though they'll have smaller fleets than Bird and Lime.
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6 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
The New JBL Endurance Fitness Earphones – Tailored to Your Run, Sprint, Jump, Dive
It doesn’t matter what sport you do: there’s a JBL Endurance earphone for you. The famed audio company is releasing 4 new earphones in its Endurance series: the Run, Sprint, Jump and Dive, which are tailored to each athlete’s specific sport. All of the earphones have a durable design which makes them the perfect accessory...

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The  New  JBL  Endurance  Fitness  Earphones    Tailored  to  Your  Run  Sprint  Jump  Dive 
8 weeks ago by vrzone

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