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The Suffocation of Democracy | by Christopher R. Browning | The New York Review of Books
The fascist movements of that time prided themselves on being overtly antidemocratic, and those that came to power in Italy and Germany boasted that their regimes were totalitarian. The most original revelation of the current wave of authoritarians is that the construction of overtly antidemocratic dictatorships aspiring to totalitarianism is unnecessary for holding power. Perhaps the most apt designation of this new authoritarianism is the insidious term “illiberal democracy.” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and Viktor Orbán in Hungary have all discovered that opposition parties can be left in existence and elections can be held in order to provide a fig leaf of democratic legitimacy, while in reality elections pose scant challenge to their power. Truly dangerous opposition leaders are neutralized or eliminated one way or another.

Total control of the press and other media is likewise unnecessary, since a flood of managed and fake news so pollutes the flow of information that facts and truth become irrelevant as shapers of public opinion. Once-independent judiciaries are gradually dismantled through selective purging and the appointment of politically reliable loyalists. Crony capitalism opens the way to a symbiosis of corruption and self-enrichment between political and business leaders. Xenophobic nationalism (and in many cases explicitly anti-immigrant white nationalism) as well as the prioritization of “law and order” over individual rights are also crucial to these regimes in mobilizing the popular support of their bases and stigmatizing their enemies.
USA  politics  history  1920s  1930s  fascism  TrumpDonald  nationalism  isolationism  protectionism  authoritarianism  Nazism  Hitler  polarisation  Weimar  democracy  McConnellMitch  KavanaughBrett  judiciary  Germany  Italy  totalitarianism  misinformation  control  funding  lobbying  tradeUnions  illiberalism 
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Alex Kozinski - Wikipedia
Background on USA judicial system—and relation to Brett Kavanaugh
usa  judiciary  california  judge  sexuality  abuse  history  reference  court 
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The Law of Nations and the Judicial Branch by Thomas H. Lee :: SSRN
This Article explains what the law of nations meant at the time the United States was established and how it interacted with the original U.S. Constitution. The “law of nations” was not only a historical term for modern customary international law, it (1) was sometimes a broad term for all inter-national law, including conventions or treaties—the “conventional” law of nations; (2) included principles of domestic law perceived to be shared by all civilized nations; (3) was a source of the U.S. law of federalism, given the early American view that the states retained residual sovereignty beyond what was conferred on the new general government by the Constitution; and (4) was perceived in part as unwritten natural law. The Americans who adopted the Constitution were keenly aware of their place in the world as a militarily weak new state in need of peace and trade with the European powers for survival, and thus eager to comply with the law of nations—the intramural rules of the European world order. They recognized that the judi-cial branch could play an important role in advancing the new nation’s inter-national acceptance and survival by judicious deployment of the law of nations as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy, which is why eight of the nine constitutional grants of judicial power in Article III implicated the law of nations. The law of nations was the original federal common law.
International-law  Common-law  Judiciary  Legal-history  Thomas-Lee 
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شبكة بلدي الإعلامية | النظام يدفع أنصاره لرفع دعاوٍ قضائية على قادة فصائل "المصالحات"
وتأتي هذا الدعاوى القضائية في محاولة من قبل النظام لملاحقة من وقع على ورقة المصالحات في محافظة درعا، بعد ضمان عدم تعرضه للعقوبات والمحاكمة بعد توقيعه على التسوية، والتي تم بموجبها إسقاط الحق العام عن كافة القادة والعناصر التابعين للفصائل.
Reconciliation  Mar15  Daraa  Judiciary  FSA 
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المدن - ريف حلب: الشرطة عاجزة عن ضبط سلاح الفصائل May 7, 2018
ووقفت قوات الشرطة عاجزة عن فعل أي شيء، وبعد ساعات من الاقتتال وصل رتل عسكري تابع لـ"الفيلق الثالث" بهدف فض النزاع. وبجهود قوات الفصل، ووجهاء من الباب، وبوساطة من ضباط في الجيش التركي، تم التوصل لوقف إطلاق النار، ليل الأحد/الاثنين، وانسحبت "الشرقية" مع سلاحها الثقيل إلى خارج الباب، على أن يسلم الطرفان المتورطين في القتال إلى طرف ثالث، ومن ثم تحويلهم إلى القضاء.

وما يزال "الجيش الوطني" عنواناً عريضاَ من دون أي فاعلية تذكر على الأرض. هيكل تنظيمي للفصائل من أجل تسلم الرواتب، حتى اللحظة، لم يتحول بعد إلى جسم عسكري يملك القرار وتغيب فيه مسميات الفصائل والانتماءات الفصائلية التي تعتبر أصل التنافس والصراعات المحلية على النفوذ والسلطة.
قوات الشرطة غير قادرة بالفعل على التدخل، ووقف الانتهاكات بحق المؤسسات الخدمية، أو الفصل في الاقتتال الذي ينشب بين الحين والآخر في المدن والبلدات. والمؤسسات القضائية ليست محايدة، وتديرها بعض الفصائل وفيها من المحسوبيات والفساد الكثير. وبإمكان الجانب التركي ضبط الوضع الأمني في المنطقة في حال ضغط على الفصائل من ناحية التمويل، باعتبارها جميعاً باتت ممولة تركياً. كما يتوجب تمكين الشرطة لضبط السلاح والتخفيف من انتشاره بين الأهالي. بإمكان الجانب التركي تحرير المؤسسة القضائية من سطوة الفصائل.
NationalArmy  Mar15  FSA  internal_struggle  Aleppo  BufferZone  Turkey  Judiciary  lawlessness 
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East Ghouta families mired in unrecognized births, marriages after years under opposition rule - Syria Direct, Aug 2, 2018
Motaz a-Shami, a 30-year-old Saqba resident who lived in Ghouta throughout the siege years, now finds himself in a legal limbo.

“Going to Damascus costs me money,” he says, “plus I need permission to leave.”

Travelling to central Damascus is not without its risks. The highway from East Ghouta into the heart of the city is dotted with checkpoints run by pro-government forces. And traversing that road without valid documents can be dangerous.

“The papers that I have now could get me in a lot of trouble, since they were issued by an opposition body,” a-Shami fears. “But destroying the documents before acquiring alternative papers would be a problem too.”
Mar15  Reconciliation  FreedomOfMovement  Judiciary  localGovt  Damascus 
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Data protection bill: Delegation of powers to government raises questions
Some provisions delegating legislative powers to the government and proposed Data Protection Authority need a relook.
tribunals  executive  parliament  judiciary  balance  NGT  data  protection  bill 
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