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5 Tips For Writing A Job Story – Jobs to be Done
A Job Story is a powerful way to facilitate team conversation and discovery when designing products. They are meant to cut right to the job to be done by eliminating distractions. The job story…
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14 days ago by jasonseney
Replacing The User Story With The Job Story – Jobs to be Done
I’ve written about the problem with user stories before. At the time, I found it better to just have the team talk over proposed changes to the product. This worked great when the team had gelled and…
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14 days ago by jasonseney
What I learned from doing 100 Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews
Analyzing JTBD data can be as hard as collecting the data
Collecting the JTBD data via interviews or other methods is just the first part of using the framework. But what do you do with all the information? This is where the biggest gap exists in terms of the existing materials on JTBD. Yes there are some models to frame the data, like the Timeline and Four Forces, but there is little out there that shows you how to get from looking at a large amount of data to actually deriving the insights from that data.
25 days ago by 1luke2
BIA.studio OUTCOME-DRIVEN design™ - BIA.studio
Very interesting appropriation of JTBD for design.
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26 days ago by bjkraal
Focusing on the is a game changer because it enables the capture of customer "needs" in a way that makes inno…
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26 days ago by doivoid
Ever struggle with interviews?

Finally, a simple, purpose-driven approach you can follow to get this tricky…
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4 weeks ago by benjaminparry
A Framework of Questions for Jobs to be Done Interviews
A lot of folks seem to be interested in how to “interview” people for Jobs-to-be-Done projects. It doesn’t matter if they are UX projects, marketing projects, or market strategy projects, there has to be a distinct purpose behind such an interview.
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5 weeks ago by roboto
Bob Moesta on unpacking customer motivations with Jobs-to-be-Done
Why does someone switch from one product to another? It’s rarely the first reason they’ll offer. You have to dig deeper to find out, and that’s where Jobs-to-be-Done comes in.
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5 weeks ago by roboto
What is the "job" of a McDonald's milkshake?
All-new Sales Enablement Certification course: https://bit.ly/NewSECWhat is the "job" of a McDonald's milkshake? That's what Harvard Business School professor and disruptive innovation expert Clay Christensen asked when McDonald's approached him looking to innovate on their milkshake product line. B
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5 weeks ago by roboto
Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek - Uncovering the Jobs to Be Done
Uncovering the Jobs-To-Be-Done

Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek at Business of Software Conference 2013, Boston, Ma.

Have you ever wondered about the REAL reason your customers are buying what you sell?

The Jobs-to-be-Done framework has been used for over 20 years to understand what motivate
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5 weeks ago by roboto
What is Jobs to be Done (JTBD)?
Ten thousand years ago, we were hunter gatherers and used our feet to roam the earth. Today, we have fast food restaurants and autonomous cars. Why did we change? Because we have an intrinsic desire to evolve ourselves. We do this by remaking and adapting to the world around us.
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5 weeks ago by roboto

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