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How I Learned To Build Products People Care About ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community
"I stumbled upon this book, Something Really New: Three Simple Steps to Creating Truly Innovative Products, by Denis J. Hauptly, which sums it up very nicely. In order to create a truly innovative product:

1. Study the tasks people use a product for.
2. Turn those tasks into a series of steps the person follows to get the task done.
3. Finally, start eliminating steps. That's it. Innovative products eliminate the friction of doing a task."

"Draft continues to give me evidence that innovation by focusing on removing steps in tasks is a great way to build a product."
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june 2013 by markott
stratēchery by Ben Thompson | Apps, People, & Jobs to Be Done
Ben Thompson highlights how mobile apps are all about JTBD by reviewing the apps on his phone
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may 2013 by fraser
stratēchery | The iPad: it’s for everyone else
Wonderful article succinctly arguing that the iPad is good enough at content creation for mainstream users and the best tool for content consumption. Written in 2010.
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may 2013 by fraser
Never Say WordPress When Selling a Web Design Project
"I always assumed that when a customer called me for a website, that the problem they are trying to solve was: getting a new website. But it’s not.
Businesses are looking to solve sales, marketing, logistics, customer service, or public relations problems. Websites just happen to be a great solution to problems in those areas (and many others)."
The lesson is: don't talk about commodity technology. Talk about the "job to be done".
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april 2013 by audionerd
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RT : this myth will never die. customers absolutely know what they want. .
myth debunked: ...
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january 2013 by phil_hendrix
Customers Don’t Know What They Want—Until They See It - The Accelerators - WSJ
RT : this myth will never die. customers absolutely know what they want. .
myth debunked: ...
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january 2013 by phil_hendrix
Market Disruptions & Online Learning - YouTube
Video with the milkshake example explaining jobs to be done theory
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january 2013 by fraser

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