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RT : Just posted my slides from my BonusConf presentation, Ember Data - It's Not Just for Anymore.…
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2 days ago by locks
Headless CMS: REST vs JSON:API vs GraphQL
"Based on this analysis, for Drupal core's needs, we rank JSON:API above GraphQL and GraphQL above REST. As such, I want to change my recommendation for Drupal 8 core. Instead of adding both JSON:API and GraphQL to Drupal 8 core, I believe only JSON:API should be added. That said, Drupal's GraphQL implementation is fantastic, especially when you have the developer capacity to build a bespoke API for your project."
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12 days ago by nhoizey
Dries Buytaert on Twitter
RT @skyredwang: I can't thank you all enough for this blog. It is much needed for my team training and discussion!
driesbuytaert  wimleers  gabesullice  drupal  drupal8  api  jsonapi 
6 weeks ago by WimLeers
Add Query Tag [#3029255] | Drupal.org
Thank you both and the rest of the drupal jsonapi team for making the jsonapi module. It is proving to be a miracle in web development even out of the box.
api  jsonapi  drupal  reference  wimleers  career 
8 weeks ago by WimLeers
GraphQL Filtering, Pagination & Sorting Tutorial with JavaScript
filtering, sorting, pagination aren't in either spec, but even less so in GraphQL.
graphql  jsonapi 
8 weeks ago by WimLeers
SeyZ/jsonapi-serializer: A Node.js framework agnostic library for (de)serializing your data to JSON API
A Node.js framework agnostic library for (de)serializing your data to JSON API - SeyZ/jsonapi-serializer
jsonapi  serialization  github  repo 
10 weeks ago by russmatney

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