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Discrepancy in original headers and playback headers (bytes vs. strs) · Issue #122 · betamaxpy/betamax · GitHub
I'm getting an error from Betamax when it tries to record header values that are bytes instead of native unicode strings (in python 3).

TypeError: b'xj8h' is not JSON serializable

This is a pull request that has some links to an example of a binary serializer that someone wrote. Also, coming in Betamax 0.9.0, there are some changes in the core library to allow binary serializers to specify that they deal in binary (bytes), not text (strings).
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3 days ago by christianmlong
"Paseto is everything you love about JOSE (JWT, JWE, JWS) without any of the many design deficits that plague the JOSE standards." (via https://twitter.com/aaronpk/status/1017551300832063488)
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