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Heater Block holder for 3D Printer Nozzle - The Wrench by Aeronautical - Thingiverse
So l found when l was trying to change my nozzle on my Prusa MK3, holding the heater block was a little awkward. Also, using the methods describe by Prusa, l found it was damaging the heater block from the teeth of the tool "Maybe l was using the tool wrong". So part of my 4th year Engineering degree, l used my work experience time to develop a tool that would solve this problem. Meet, The Wrench.

The Wrench is designed to suit E3D heater blocks, 23mm in width and the cheap eBay knock offs, 20mm in width. To accommodate what heater block you are using, simply unscrew the back and change the side of where the metal prongs sit. You use The Wrench to hold the Heater Block in place while you unscrew the Nozzle, giving you plenty of space to work in.

The metal prongs are cut from 3mm Steel using a CNC machine. Each of the prongs have a channel machined out that allow for the head of the pan screw on the heater block, to fit. Therefor, the channel on the prongs must be facing each other. Later on, l will try and find a hack that would allow people who don't have access to a CNC machine, to utilise something to replace the prongs that l designed.

The outer casing of the tool is made out of PLA and Flexible material. The Flexible material makes up the grip component and the outer boarder face. While the outer boarder face has no real purpose, it was more for cosmetic looks. The grip component allows for a more natural feel when using the tool. While the PLA supports the housing of the prongs.

I have include a word document that includes the printing parameters for each of the components, l highly recommended you stick to this, especially the layer height settings. Each of the components, mainly the PLA parts, was designed with the intention of it been printed at the specified height. As regard for the infill percentage, the higher the better for PLA. Also, depending on the softness you required for the grips, the lower the infill, the softer it feels to touch. The two screws that l used are M4x16 countersunk. They will both self tap into one side of the PLA, so be mindful when screwing them in.
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Before F-35: My role in the Advanced Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing (ASTOVL) project | Hush-Kit
It looks like the basics of the F-35 emerged quite early on. that said, those Kingston designs (P1208 and P1213) were sooo beautiful.
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