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Underrun – Making Of - PhobosLab
I participated in this year's js13kGames, a JavaScript game development competition with a file size limit of 13kb, including code, assets and everything else. My entry was Underrun, a twin stick shooter using WebGL.
gaming  javascript  webdev  webgl  js 
16 hours ago by deusx
Mnemonic Encoder
Method for encoding binary data into a sequence of words which can be spoken over the phone, for example, and converted
back to data on the other side:

>>> mnemonic.encode([101, 2, 240, 6, 108, 11, 20, 97], "x/x/x - ")
"digital/apollo/aroma - rival/artist/rebel"

>>> mnemonic.decode("digital.apollo.aroma.rival.artist.rebel")
[101, 2, 240, 6, 108, 11, 20, 97]
words  js  lib 
18 hours ago by justinludwig
JavaScript Globalization Overview
Overview page that shows what solutions exist for JavaScript globalization (internationalization and localization). What is missing. What overlaps. Why each library was created. What are their goals, strengths and weaknesses.
js  g11n  guide 
19 hours ago by justinludwig
Salty JavaScript analogy - HankChizlJaw
> JavaScript is like salt. If you add just enough salt to a dish, it’ll help make the flavour awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

> Similarly, if you add just enough JavaScript to your website, it’ll help make it awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Salty, and true!
web  progressiveenhancement  js 
19 hours ago by sonniesedge
Siema - Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies
nice simple vanilla js slideshow - 3k gzipped he says. Don't know about unequal photos - needs checking if you use this
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  carousel  slideshow  vanilla  swipe 
2 days ago by piperh
@webdesignledger : Digital Illustration Tutorials That Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level https://t.co/gA5qKtJOVv (via Twitter http://twitter.com/webdesignledger/status/1043349339714793472)
Twitter  design  web  web-design  webdev  web-dev  web-development  layout  CSS  CSS3  HTML  web-programming  UI  UX  user  interface  user-interface  js  Javascript  how  howto  how-to  tu 
2 days ago by dcolanduno

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