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NS:IDE - JavaScript IDE for accessing a phone/tablet's native runtime via NativeScript bindings!
NS:IDE is the NativeScript IDE that lets you get 'inside' your device.

Access any native functionality at run-time by calling a Javascript API that binds to the Obj-C (iOS) or Java (Android) run-time.
JS  mobile  error-handling  opensource  tools  IDE  editors  Android  iOS 
4 hours ago by liqweed
Sockette - WebSocket wrapper
A tiny wrapper around WebSocket that will automatically reconnect if the connection is lost.
JS  WebSockets  opensource 
4 hours ago by liqweed
SurveyJS - JavaScript Survey and Form Library
A modern way to add surveys and forms to your website. It has versions for angular2+, jQuery, knockout, react and vue.
JS  widgets  web-fx  opensource  forms  UX 
4 hours ago by liqweed
wpk - Friendly, intuitive, intelligent, and unofficial CLI for webpack
A friendly, intuitive, intelligent, and unofficial CLI for webpack
JS  build  CLI  tools  opensource 
4 hours ago by liqweed
Why I've stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules
Last week, I tweeted something that got quite a few surprising responses: In 2019, one of the things I’m going to do is stop exporting things as default from my CommonJS/ES6 modules. Importing...
javascript  js  module 
4 hours ago by tedw
Why I've stopped exporting defaults from my JavaScript modules - Human Who Codes
The older I get, the more I like explicit, declarative, intentional code. This is a compelling argument. Now, you JS devs get off my lawn :)
javascript  module  js  publish 
7 hours ago by iamthefury
BundlePhobia ❘ cost of adding a npm package
Bundlephobia helps you find the performance impact of adding a npm package to your front-end bundle
bundle  javascript  performance  nodejs  npm  js  package  tool  tools  web 
10 hours ago by speckz
JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  reorder  reorderable  list  shared 
yesterday by piperh

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