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Infinite Scroll
they say: Automatically add next page, back-button friendly, easy start, powerful build. Works with masonry
webdesign  web  design  infinite  scroll  js  javascript  script 
yesterday by piperh
slick flickable carousel for mouse and touch, vanilla js. Update to previous version that I think maybe I used somewhere
webdesign  web  design  carousel  flick  responsive  touch  tap  js  javascript  script  flickable 
yesterday by piperh
Snugly resizes text to fit its parent container.
269  framework  resource  js  typography  newslettered  add-site 
yesterday by justinavery
Hexagonal architecture in JavaScript applications — and how it relates to Flux
Flux is a ‘mainstream’ approach of data management for React.js-based views. While I find Flux useful, I don’t think it is always needed — in fact, it can be a bad fit for your project if you follow…
javascript  architecture  programming  js  hexagonal  flux  design 
yesterday by gilberto5757

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