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Perfect Scroll Bar - jQuery Plugins
Minimalistic, developer friendly scrollbar plugin working with jQuery or vanilla JavaScript. Features: perfect-scrollbar has some requirements, but doesn’t change or add any style on original elements. Designed not to have width or height. It’s fixed on the right and bottom side of the container. You can change nearly all css styles of the scrollbar. The scrollbar design has no dependency on scripts. Supports an ‘update’ function. Whenever you need to update the size or position of the scrollbar, just update. Uses ‘scrollTop’ and ‘scrollLeft’, not absolute positioning or something messy. Supports RTL on both WebKit and Gecko based browsers. Usage:

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2 days ago by polaskx
Make an HTML5 video a background
This jQuery plugin enables you to very easily use an HTML5 video as a background to a website or any div.

For browsers that don't support the HTML5 video tag, it just uses an image.
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4 days ago by javajunky

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