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imagemagick - Convert PDF to image with high resolution - Stack Overflow
-verbose \
-density 150 \
-trim \
test.pdf \
-quality 100 \
-flatten \
-sharpen 0x1.0 \
convert  pdf  to  jpg 
3 days ago by gerjantd
Apowersoft Free HEIC Converter - convert HEIC to JPG online
The HEIC converter is a free online tool for both Windows and Mac, which can convert photos from HEIC to JPG.
heic  jpg  apple  photo  convert  linux 
4 weeks ago by gerjantd
access to .heic image files
Hi all, It looks like recent iPhones now produce photos with a new encoding (HEIF, stored in HEIC containers) instead of the well-known JPEG... I have
heic  jpg  apple  photo  convert  linux 
4 weeks ago by gerjantd
Shrink Me - Compress JPG, PNG and WEBP Images
Ad-free online lossless image compressor that works offline.
image  compress  compressor  lossless  jpg  png  webp  compression  tool 
5 weeks ago by piperh
JPEG: the quadruple object
The thesis, together with its practice-research works, presents an object-oriented perspective on the JPEG standard. Using the object oriented philosophy of Graham Harman as a theoretical and also practical starting point, the thesis looks to provide an account of the JPEG digital object and its enfolding within the governmental scopic regime. The thesis looks to move beyond accounts of digital objects and protocols within software studies that position the object in terms of issues of relationality,
processuality and potentiality.
jpg  standard  philosophy 
7 weeks ago by edsu

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