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Essential Image Optimization
We should all be automating our image compression.

Image optimization should be automated. It’s easy to forget, best practices change, and content that doesn’t go through a build pipeline can easily slip. To automate: Use imagemin or libvips for your build process. Many alternatives exist.

Most CDNs (e.g. Akamai) and third-party solutions like Cloudinary, imgix, Fastly’s Image Optimizer, Instart Logic’s SmartVision or ImageOptim API offer comprehensive automated image optimization solutions.

The amount of time you’ll spend reading blog posts and tweaking your configuration is greater than the monthly fee for a service (Cloudinary has a free tier). If you don’t want to outsource this work for cost or latency concerns, the open-source options above are solid. Projects like Imageflow or Thumbor enable self-hosted alternatives.

Everyone should be compressing their images efficiently.

At minimum: use ImageOptim. It can significantly reduce the size of images while preserving visual quality. Windows and Linux alternatives are also available.

More specifically: run your JPEGs through MozJPEG (q=80 or lower is fine for web content) and consider Progressive JPEG support, PNGs through pngquant and SVGs through SVGO. Explicitly strip out metadata (--strip for pngquant) to avoid bloat. Instead of crazy huge animated GIFs, deliver H.264 videos (or WebM for Chrome, Firefox and Opera)! If you can’t at least use Giflossy. If you can spare the extra CPU cycles, need higher-than-web-average quality and are okay with slow encode times: try Guetzli.

Some browsers advertise support for image formats via the Accept request header. This can be used to conditionally serve formats: e.g. lossy WebP for Blink-based browsers like Chrome and fallbacks like JPEG/PNG for other browsers.

There’s always more you can do. Tools exists to generate and serve srcset breakpoints. Resource selection can be automated in Blink-based browsers with client-hints and you can ship fewer bytes to users who opted into ‘data savings’ in-browser by heeding the Save-Data hint.

The smaller in file-size you can make your images, the better a network experience you can offer your users – especially on mobile. In this write-up, we’ll look at ways to reduce image size through modern compression techniques with minimal impact to quality.
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4 weeks ago by fclough
Stop Saying Stegosploit Is An Exploit | Endgame
The operative text in that screenshot is<script src=”elephant3.jpg”></script>, which takes a valid image file and interprets it as JavaScript. It simply injects the malicious code into a carrier signal so it looks innocuous. While it may seem like it is splitting hairs, it’s an extremely important distinction between “looking at this photo will exploit your machine”, and “this photo is camouflage that hides an exploit that has already occurred.”
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8 weeks ago by bwiese
Fred's ImageMagick Scripts
- autowhite - automatically adjusts the white balance of an image.
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may 2018 by mrbill

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