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How to compress cellular automata images
"don’t use lossy compression on images of Cellular Automata or in general, on highly structured artificial images with lots of fine details"
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12 days ago by nhoizey
New(ish) Mirai Spreader Poses New Risks - Securelist
Keylogger (hosted as comments within jpeg files)

This botnet operator hosts components embedded within jpeg comments, a technique they have been using since 2013. These techniques provide very large file objects. So, even a fresh image downloaded by this bot of Taylor Swift contains 2.3mb of keylogging code first seen 2016.10.30 (ad0496f544762a95af11f9314e434e94)

code signing certificates appear to be stolen from a solar and semiconductor grinding wafer products manufacturer in Northwest China
keylogger  cybersecurity  jpeg  exif  botnet  certificates 
5 weeks ago by bwiese
NEON is the new black: fast JPEG optimization on ARM servers | Hacker News
libjpegturbo is a great choice if you need fast CPU JPEG encoding/decoding. It's a very near drop-in replacement for libjpeg, and it runs about 2x faster, mostly due to AVX/NEON optimizations.
jpeg  image  arm 
6 weeks ago by dhotson
NEON is the new black: fast JPEG optimization on ARM server
Useful resources
Arm Compiler armasm User Guide
Procedure Call Standard for the ARM 64-bit Architecture
ARM NEON Intrinsics Reference
Coding for NEON
Tagged with ARM, qualcomm, Performance, Polish, NEON
arm  jpeg  cpu  performance 
6 weeks ago by euler
cloudflare/jpegtran: jpegtran fork with significant performance improvements
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
6 weeks ago by geetarista

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