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Guetzli/Butteraugliに関するあれこれ - Qiita
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2 days ago by summerwind
Comparing Google’s Guetzli JPEG encoder to other solutions
Guetzli is a very focused, opinionated piece of technology, I found this out the first time I ran it:

$ guetzli --quality 80 original.png guetzli.jpg
Guetzli should be called with quality >= 84, otherwise the
output will have noticeable artifacts. If you want to
proceed anyway, please edit the source code.
Guetzli processing failed

“Please edit the source code”! The sass!

The second run threw me, too: I’d heard it was “slow,” but encoding a one-megapixel image ate up 300 MB of RAM and took a minute and a half. Mozjpeg completes the same task in 300ms.

The Guetzli folks have explained the limited quality range; turns out, Butteraugli is only smart at high quality levels. And they’ve been forthright about the fact that their tool is ripe for optimization. But as it stands, their encoder burns through vast quantities of memory and processing power in order to output JPEGs with precise, and rather high, levels of Butteraugli-calculated “quality.”
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9 days ago by mikael
The Math Trick Behind MP3s, JPEGs, and Homer Simpson’s Face
Nine years ago, I was sitting in a college math physics course and my professor spelt out an idea that kind of blew my mind. I think…
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16 days ago by my-flow
Comparing Google’s Guetzli JPEG encoder to other solutions | Cloudinary Blog
The popular take: Guetzli is an ingenious, Google-backed shot in the arm for the dusty/trusty old JPEG format, which – if you’re willing to wait for its extremely computationally intensive algorithms – produces JPEGs that are 35% smaller (or better) than was previously possible.
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20 days ago by siggiarni

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