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guetzli: Perceptual JPEG encoder
Guetzli is a JPEG encoder that aims for excellent compression density at high visual quality. Guetzli-generated images are typically 20-30% smaller than images of equivalent quality generated by libjpeg. Guetzli generates only sequential (nonprogressive) JPEGs due to faster decompression speeds they offer.
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15 days ago by lidel
Cover 1.0.0
C library and console line program for JPEG steganography.
steganography  jpeg 
17 days ago by vrt
Did Apple Kill JPEGs? | JPEGmini Blog
Hidden in Apple’s plethora of announcements during Monday’s WWDC 2017 keynote, was a small yet very significant new photography feature in iOS 11: HEIF support. Apple announced that starting with iOS 11, photos will be captured and stored in HEIF format instead of JPEG. Compressed with HEIF, photos will take up half the amount of space that was required for JPEG photos, which in effect doubles the photo capacity of the iPhone and iPad devices.
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18 days ago by euler
iOS 11, HEVC, HEIF: Learn all about the new video and photo formats
If you connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac, you’ll need to upgrade that Mac to macOS High Sierra in order to read the HEIF or HEVC files. But again, Apple’s looking out for you: There’s a setting in the Photos sections of the Settings app that determines what sort of files get transferred from the iOS device to your Mac (or a PC, if you’re on Windows). By default it’s set to Automatic, meaning that if the iOS device can’t determine that your Mac is able to view the images and movies, it will transfer a converted copy instead.
ios  photos  HEIF  HEVC  Jpeg 
20 days ago by euler
Trimage (lossless) image compressor
similar to ImageOptim and uses many of the same lossless tools under the hood.
free  images  gui  jpeg  linux 
21 days ago by semanticdreamer
What's Going on With HEIF and Mac OS 10.13
This past summer at WWDC, Apple introduced a new (to iOS and Mac OS) compression format for images named HEIF. HEIF is pretty neat because it allows for better compression compared to JPEG, without sacrificing quality.
graphics  image-processing  jpeg  ios  macos 
26 days ago by ssorc
Convert iOS 11's HEIC photos to JPEG
Apple has just released iOS 11, and one major change is the way recent iOS devices (iPhone 6s and later) store photos. Apple has adopted HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), which creates photos that take up less space than JPEGs. This is great for the storage on your iOS device, and for your mobile bandwidth, if you sync your photos to iCloud Photo Library.
However, most image editors don't yet support Apple's flavour of the HEIF format (.HEIC files), and Windows 10 does not support it at all. So if you have HEIC files, you may want, or even need to convert them to JPEGs.
The simplest way to do this is to use the free iMazing HEIC Converter app. For now, it's simply the only free solution available that can convert HEIC files to JPEGs without requiring you to upload your photos online.
JPEG  HEIF  photo  utilities 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194

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