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Tuning Spring Petclinic JPA and Hibernate configuration with Hypersistence Optimizer - Vlad Mihalcea
Learns how to speed up the Spring Petclinic application using the Hypersistence Optimizer tool which automates performance tuning analysis.
10 weeks ago by pks
The Best Way To Store Enums with JPA and Hibernate - Java Master Mentoring
Storing enums in a database can be somewhat tricky. JPA and Hibernate provide 2 standard ways of storing enums: as text or as a number. Each of these ways has its disadvantages. In this post I will describe these disadvantages and then I'm going to reveal a third way, which solves these disadvantages.
enum  jpa  hibernate  management  proposal  java  orm 
12 weeks ago by gilberto5757
EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Print Version - Eclipsepedia
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using XML

The following are advantages of using XML:

no coupling between the metadata and the source code;
compliance with the existing, pre-EJB 3.0 development process;
support in IDEs and source control systems;
The main disadvantages of mapping with XML are the complexity and the need for replication of the code context.
jpa  java-library 
june 2019 by arj197
Spring Guide - Domain 객체 가이드 | Popit
lombok 유의사항이 특히 잘 정리된 아티클
jpa  spring-data-jpa  lombok 
may 2019 by ncrash

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