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When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps | Kate Kaplan | Nielsen Norman Group
Journey maps combine two powerful instruments—storytelling and visualization—in order to help teams understand and address customer needs. While maps take a wide variety of forms depending on context and business goals, certain elements are generally included, and there are underlying guidelines to follow that help them be the most successful.
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15 days ago by BillHiggins
What journey maps don’t tell can make a big difference
In human centred design we aim to make things work better for the people we are designing for. One exercise we often do to achieve understanding is laying out journey maps. We build journey maps to…
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july 2018 by lenards
Journey Mapping is Key to Gaining Empathy – UX Planet
This article is for people who already have a basic understanding of journey mapping, but if you are totally new to the tool and how to create one, UX Lady has a great example where she uses the…
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december 2017 by lenards
Free Customer Experience & Journey Map Templates | Service Blueprint Templates, Examples - UXPressia
Create a customer experience map with UXPressia. Use journey map examples & templates, improve your marketing strategy.
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october 2017 by theafter
Journey Mapping is Key to Gaining Empathy
Journey mapping is a tool used often at the analysis phase of the design process to understand how a user would experience your product, from discovering the product to possibly coming back to it after their first time use.
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october 2017 by mattbot

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