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Data Intelligence
The journal and innovation platform that publishes, connects, and analyzes data in an intelligent approach to realize their potentials, both for human and for machine!
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The Raven
First Nations and Indigenous Studies
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Letter from the Editor: My Awkward Encounter | The Pioneer
We didn’t get answers to our questions that day. Instead, the first 20 or so minutes of the meeting were spent with both Best and Tepper berating us for The Pioneer’s coverage of the “Common Sense” pamphlets. They never told us not to publish anything, rather they speculated about our reasoning behind covering these pamphlets. They asked that their questions and comments be kept off the record continuously. But, in essence, they believed we were wrong for covering what they called falsehoods and details they said were exaggerated. They even asked me whether, if there had been an anonymous pamphlet spread around campus saying that I was a child molester, I publish it.

The simple answer: yes.
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