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Les Darons, la "ligue du LOL" qui insultait les salariées de Vice - L'Express
EXCLUSIF - Alors que le scandale de la "ligue du LOL" révèle des pratiques sexistes et de harcèlement, la rédaction de Vice s'avère aussi touchée.
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6 days ago by pankkake
Male French media execs behind ‘League of LOL’ group that harassed feminists is condemned | Daily Mail Online
'You can see these harassers erasing all their dodgy tweets and talking about equality and regurgitating the work of all the feminists they attacked to buy themselves a new virginity,' she added.
france  journalists  feminism 
6 days ago by pankkake
Eye on France: Laughing Out Loud as harassment joke turns sour - France - RFI
The Laughing Out Loud League might sound like a group of superhero humourists. In fact they turn out to be a Twitter user group accused of serious online harassment, notably of women.
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6 days ago by pankkake

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