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The three pillars of mobile journalism: Q&A with Marc Settle, smartphone reporting trainer at the BBC | Media news
Mobile journalism, using your smartphone to film, take photos, record, edit and publish your material, comes with many opportunities for journalists: less kit to carry with you, a quick turnaround, producing a larger variety of formats, and having access to places that would otherwise deny a TV cre via Pocket
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11 days ago by hansdorsch
Mobile Journalism | Das Studio in der Hosentasche seit 2009
Meine Damen und Herren, beginnen wir das neue Jahr mit einem Gruß aus der Vergangenheit. Hier abgebildet das MIT Wearable Computing Project, gefunden bei Twitter, aufgenommen irgendwann in den 1990s. via Pocket
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14 days ago by hansdorsch
Hört endlich mit eurem narzisstischen Podcast-Gelaber auf! - watson
Ich kann's nicht mehr hören. Wirklich. Also wirklich nicht. Dass «so ein Podcast schnell gemacht ist», haben sich in den letzten zwei Jahren ungefähr alle Medienmenschen zwischen Wien und Zürich gedacht. Kaum ein Blog, kaum eine Influencerin, die heute noch ohne auskommt. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
From podcasts to chat bots: Engagement experiments at Harvard Business Review | Media news
"Defining engagement is really difficult – there's not one definition for any publisher or company, you have to do some work to figure it out for your publisher," said Maureen Hoch, editor, Harvard Business Review, speaking at the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin today (19 March). via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
10 tips for setting up your LinkedIn profile | Media news
As students prepare for the world of work, I mandate that my Reporting II students have a LinkedIn profile. Why? Well, let's start with the fact that this is a network that’s now home to 500 million users in over 200 countries around the world. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
'You need to foster belonging, not exclusivity': Membership lessons from De Correspondent | Media news
Subscribers are like armchair supporters for a football team. They watch the games, and occassionaly buy a t-shirt. But members are those who actively want to be involved themselves. via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
5 iOS apps for creative mobile storytelling | Media news
Choosing which smartphone apps to use on the go can be difficult, as the number of apps on the market helping journalists to shoot, edit and produce content on their devices is constantly growing. Some are, undeniably, more advanced than others, and here at via Pocket
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4 weeks ago by hansdorsch
How to Edit Videos: Shot List | Blog | TechSmith
When beginning the filming process, there comes a lot of preparation before hitting the record button such as finding a set, adjusting lighting, and having the proper camera angles. One way to organize this preparation is with a shot list. via Pocket
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5 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Am 12.4 erzähle ich beim -Medienkongress etwas zum Thema Online-. Tickets gibt…
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5 weeks ago by schmitz
Track Your Pitches: Use This Spreadsheet to Land More Online Writing Jobs
Successful freelance writers are organized and efficient. They don’t waste time looking up which pitches they’ve sent and which still need to be polished to go out. They don’t have to look up an editor’s name and contact information every time they want to re-pitch a publication. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Money can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about with fellow journalists. However, for freelance journalists, whose income is not fixed, knowing how to plan for a healthy financial situation is necessary to be able to continue to pursue the career they enjoy. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Werkstattbericht - Gebaute Realitäten
Für Produktionen mit Virtual Reality oder interaktive Stücke für Smart Speaker müssen die Erzähltechniken angepasst werden: Storyboards müssen mehrdimensional angelegt sein und orientieren sich in ihrer Unmittelbarkeit und Räumlichkeit eher an Spielen oder am Theater. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by hansdorsch
The benefits of using voice-controlled devices for news distribution | Media news
With as many as 30 million smart speakers sold worldwide, innovative journalists are looking to voice-controlled news distribution as a new way to reach audiences. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by hansdorsch

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