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Dear Publishers, if you want my subscription dollars (or euros), here is what I expect…
A growing number of publications are switching to the subscription model. But most of them are lagging behind, with a poor user experience. Lousy execution will eventually translate into casualties.
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1 hour ago by Gwendoux
NYMag: Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff
Interessantes Detail für alle (ehemaligen) Mitglieder des Vice Content Networks aus 'nem langen Artikel über den Aufstieg und Fall von Vice Media, deren halber Traffic mittlerweile von einer einzigen Spam-Clickbait-Site kommt.

NYMag: <a href="">A Company Built on a Bluff</a>
Vice to count their traffic as its own in exchange for selling ads on their behalf. Vice no longer works with OMGFacts or Distractify, but more than half of Vice Media’s traffic on Comscore today comes from a similar arrangement with, a site that publishes lists like “The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On,” on which was ranked No. 2.

Dieser Traffic und die Zahlen daraus nutzt die Vice Werbeagentur für ihre Anzeigenverkäufe und damit subventionieren sie ihre tatsächlich guten Sites wie Motherboard oder Noisey, die dafür allerdings von gnadenlos unterbezahlten Twentysomethings zusammengebaut werden, während sich das Management die Taschen vollmacht.
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4 hours ago by walt74
Earnestness on the Blockchain: Manoush Zomorodi on Creativity and the Internet
This is so good on so so many fronts, blockchain isn't really the good part, but so much more is.
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14 hours ago by vanderwal
For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned. - The New York Times
Not only had I spent less time with the story than if I had followed along as it unfolded online, I was better informed, too. Because I had avoided the innocent mistakes — and the more malicious misdirection — that had pervaded the first hours after the shooting, my first experience of the news was an accurate account of the actual events of the day.

We have spent much of the past few years discovering that the digitization of news is ruining how we collectively process information. Technology allows us to burrow into echo chambers, exacerbating misinformation and polarization and softening up society for propaganda.

Real life is slow; it takes professionals time to figure out what happened, and how it fits into context. Technology is fast. Smartphones and social networks are giving us facts about the news much faster than we can make sense of them, letting speculation and misinformation fill the gap.

a “tornado of news-making has scrambled Americans’ grasp of time and memory,” By providing a daily digest of the news, the newspaper alleviates this sense.

Just about every problem we battle in understanding the news today — and every one we will battle tomorrow — is exacerbated by plugging into the social-media herd.
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18 hours ago by robertocarroll
Stay tuned on June 22 for the re-release of , focusing on the intersection of
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23 hours ago by joegermuska
The World Cup reporting just got more immersive with Google AMP Stories
BBC News Labs and The Telegraph experiment with Google’s visual storytelling feature to bring football fans a more engaging mobile experience
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yesterday by amason
The helps young female graduates from EU countries start their career in !

📌Apply now for…
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