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About Knowable Magazine
Knowable Magazine, the digital publication from Annual Reviews, seeks to make that knowledge accessible to all. Knowable Magazine explores the real-world significance of scholarly work through a journalistic lens. We report on the current state of play across a wide variety of fields — from agriculture to high-energy physics; biochemistry to water security; the origins of the universe to psychology.

Review articles written by leading scholars from the 50 Annual Reviews journals serve as springboards for stories in Knowable Magazine. Through in-depth features, explainers, articles, essays, interviews, infographics, slideshows, and comics, Knowable Magazine presents insights from research to a broader audience. The content is published under a CC BY-ND copyright license, and the Annual Reviews journal articles featured in Knowable Magazine are free to all for a limited period. We encourage others to republish our content, guidelines for which can be found here.
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Day One | The award-winning journal app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.
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e-flux is a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and enterprise which was founded in 1998. Its news digest, events, exhibitions, schools, journal, books, and the art projects produced and/or disseminated by e-flux describe strains of critical discourse surrounding contemporary art, culture, and theory internationally. Its monthly publication e-flux journal has produced essays commissioned since 2008 about cultural, political, and structural paradigms that inform contemporary artistic production.

In November 1998, the exhibition The Best Surprise is No Surprise at the Holiday Inn in Chinatown used a new communication technology—e-mail— to disseminate the press release. One month later, Vidokle started e-flux whose mailing list is made free for it’s 90,000+ readers by a set fee paid by museums and other institutions of art to publish their press releases and other communiqués via e-flux. All information disseminated is permanently archived for reference and research. While its network is limited to public art centers and museums, e-flux offers similar platforms to commercial galleries through its art-agenda subsidiary, and to art schools and art academies through art&education, which e-flux jointly administers together with Artforum International.

Since its inception e-flux has maintained a dynamic international program of exhibitions and events including: unitednationsplaza, Utopia Station, Martha Rosler Library and AUP. In 2003, the artist Julieta Aranda began collaborating with Vidokle on e-flux and in 2004, Aranda and Vidokle opened e-flux’s first public space, a tiny storefront on Ludlow Street for experimental and ephemeral programs in New York City’s Lower East Side.
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