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Pretty Vacant Properties is a vacation rental site in Joshua Tree, California. The single most valuable thing we offer, that even the most deluxe hotels can only pretend to, is authentic architecture and a truly unique place.  Something magic happens when you find yourself in a place that isn't an imitation of somewhere else. There…
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Stricken hiker's 'terror' stranded in California desert - BBC News
"This was something I thought wouldn't happen to me - not because I thought I was a pro-hiker - it just seemed like such an extreme scenario that you don't imagine that this happens in real life.

"I hike a lot on my own and I came to think I'm fairly sensible about hiking but I suddenly realised how foolish I'd been.

"I thought, 'I can't believe I'm in a situation where I'm out here alone, people don't know I'm here, I've injured myself and I have no way to contact anybody.'

Claire spent four days and three nights alone and injured in the desert. She told the BBC she split her days into little goals to pass the time.
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