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foxxcub: Fic: Burn Out Brighter (1/2)
Burn Out Brighter
Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon | 13,180 words | R

In which Lord Spencer Smith is kidnapped with his long-time servant, Jon Walker, and held for ransom.

Warning: A certain scene could be considered dub-con. Reader discretion advised
jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  historicalfic  p!atd  dubcon 
november 2012 by cee_m
piecesof_reeses: Fic: You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too) (1/3)
Title: You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Brendon/Ryan; background Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, and Greta/Gabe
Wordcount: ~24,000
Warnings: None. Swearing, I suppose.
Thanks to: chaoticallyclev, who cheered me on relentlessly, withstood my whining patiently, and, overall, is just a lovely human being! You are so awesome, bb. ;________;
Author's Notes: Um, I know nothing about hairdressing. And it probably shows. But--it's fic! Given with a healthy dose of crack. :)
Summary: AU. Every June, in the world of Las Vegas hair care, it’s all about one thing: the Annual Services Survey. Can struggling hairdresser Brendon Urie and his coworkers finally win over rival salon Cobra Starship? Shenanigans ensue as they battle it out, all while Brendon struggles to keep his eye on the prize—and away from that cute but prickly reporter.
brendon_ryan  pete_patrick  jon_spencer  cobra  p!atd  bandom 
october 2012 by cee_m
foxxcub: Fic: the feeling shows (high school AU sequel!)
the feeling shows
[Jon/Spencer, 3100 words, PG-13]

"No, you're not gonna die," Ryan says before Spencer's finished rambling. "It's fucking mini golf, dude. Death and golf don't go together."
highschool  jon_spencer  p!atd  bandom  schmoop 
august 2012 by cee_m
foxxcub: Fic: starts in my toes (high school AU!)
starts in my toes
[Jon/Spencer, 3000 words, PG-13]

Spencer has spent all of freshman year learning the things you don't do, and having a debilitating crush on a junior is one of them.
highschool  jon_spencer  schmoop  p!atd  bandom 
august 2012 by cee_m
Was I drunk at the time? - Fic: Out
Title: Out
Fandom: Bandslash - P!atD
Pairing: Jon/Spencer
Words: ~2600
Disclaimer: It's not real. I think we'd know if this one was real.
Summary: "One last question for Spencer and Jon," the polite, really short British interviewer said. "How does it feel to know that your fans have thrown their full support behind your relationship?"
Spencer fell off arm of the sofa he had been perched on.
jon_spencer  bandom  p!atd  silliness  schmoop 
june 2012 by cee_m
foxxcub: Fic: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous) (1/2)
Title: read me like no one else (we'll make them so jealous)
Fandom: bandslash/His Dark Materials crossover
Rating: R
Pairings: Jon/Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 8200
Disclaimer: Didn't happen, and I am not Phillip Pullman.
Summary: Um, Daemons! at the Disco! Or something. In other words, an AU set within the general timeframe of Panic's Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour.
bandom  jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  au  p!atd  magic  daemons 
may 2012 by cee_m
silver_etoile: The Princes And The Peas [joncer, ryden, standalone NC-17]
Title: The Princes and the Peas
Author: silver_etoile
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Pairing: Spencer/Jon, Ryan/Brendon [Pete/Patrick, Gabe/William]
Disclaimer: Not real.
Summary: In which Spencer is a porn star, Jon is the cute new production assistant, Brendon is a fluffer, and Ryan doesn’t want to be fluffed.
bandom  p!atd  jon_spencer  brendon_ryan  pornstar 
may 2012 by cee_m
Title: just a little longer, long enough
Author: [info]deliberatefic
Pairing:Spencer/Ryan, Ryan/Brendon, Spencer/Jon, and more.
Summary: Spencer has plans, Spencer gets what he wants, Spencer is clueless.

Where Spencer thinks he wants Ryan and they have casual sex but he's in love with Ryan and Ryan wants Brendon... then he's with Jon. angsty boys are angsty.
ryan_spencer  brendon_ryan  jon_spencer  angst  bandom  p!atd 
may 2012 by cee_m
The genetic predisposition to love - AirgiodSLV - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Where Jon asks Spencer to commit to him and they have to take these porn tests to prove that they're gay...
bandom  p!atd  jon_spencer  au  futurefic 
may 2012 by cee_m
Just One Of The Girls - skoosiepants - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Spence, I'm. Look, I'm going to prove this girl-thing to you, okay? I'm going to," he held up his hands, "this is so brilliant, I'm going to become a girl."
bandom  brendon_ryan  jon_spencer  highschool  au  cross-dressing 
april 2012 by cee_m
"you're waiting for the G train..." - fic: Football Is The Gayest Profession... (1/3)
Title: Football is the Gayest Profession (and I, Dear Madam, am a Professional)
Author: [info]tremblings
Pairings: Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,000
Summary: Bandom high school football AU, featuring FOB, PATD, MCR and various other guests
bandom  mcr  pete_patrick  jon_spencer  frank_gerard  highschool  sports  fob  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
"you're waiting for the G train..." - Sometimes I Long To Be Landlocked (Part One)
Title: Sometimes I Long To Be Landlocked
Author: [info]tremblings
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jon/Spencer
Word Count: 22,000 +
Disclaimer: This is a pack of dirty lies.
Summary: Panic breaks up and Spencer has an existential crisis that results in muffins.
“Wow,” Tom says, “Jon, I feel like you moved in with Martha Stewart, but, like, less scary.”
Spencer glares at him.
“Maybe a little bit scary,” Tom says.
bandom  jon_spencer  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
"you're waiting for the G train..." - fic: I Like My Mermaids Like I Like My Coffee (Cold and Bitter)
Title: I Like My Mermaids Like I Like My Coffee (Cold and Bitter)
Author: [info]tremblings
Pairing: Jon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13
POV: close third
Word Count: 8000
Summary: Spencer is a mermaid. (No, really.)
bandom  jon_spencer  au  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
bandomstuffsit: Take Me Back to You (Part One): gift for dropout
Title: Take Me Back to You
Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Word count: 16,200
Summary: Eight years after Panic split up, Jon and Spencer take a roadtrip and reconnect with each other and the band.
bandom  jon_spencer  roadtrip  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
bandomstuffsit: Something in the Way (1/3): Gift for estei
Title: Something in the Way
Author: [info]witheveryspark
Pairing(s): Jon/Spencer
Rating: R, although it's PG-13 in most parts
Warnings: none
Word count: 26,400
Summary: A grad school/coffee shop AU. Jon and Spencer are grad students, and Jon happens to be teaching Spencer's introduction to photography course. He's also the barista who keeps Spencer in free coffee. Attraction, bantering, and misunderstandings ensue.
bandom  jon_spencer  college  au  silliness  humor  p!atd 
january 2012 by cee_m
sunsetmog_fics: Fic: this is how it goes [Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon/Spencer]
Title: this is how it goes
Author: [info]sunsetmog
Fandom: Panic at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon Urie / Jon Walker / Spencer Smith
Rating: Adult
Word count: 2,500

Beta by [info]elucreh. Thank you! All remaining errors are my own, however. Thanks also to the other people who read this through for me, and to [info]boweryd for helping me out with one particular part. Set pre-split.

Jon doesn't even know if he can call it a break up; they were only ever fucking around so he's pretty sure that they don't get to call what it is that they do breaking up.

Brendon being an idiot and not admitting that he still wants Spencer and Jon and Jon/Spencer talk about what Brendon would be doing if he were there.
jon_spencer_brendon  bandom  threesome  dirtytalk  jon_spencer  p!atd 
december 2011 by cee_m

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