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Find the official devices running Sailfish OS with J-D blog
Jolla-devices blog lists the official (and semi-official) Sailfish Os powered devices, in a simple way, with info and some insight.
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9 weeks ago by orlin
[How-To] MicroG in SFOS 3.1 -
you have to add this repository in fdroid, to install microg and fakestore:

with fingerprint: 9BD06727E62796C0130EB6DAB39B73157451582CBD138E86C468ACC395D14165

mettska (Jul 18 '19)
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10 weeks ago by slmeyer
Sailfish OS Hossa is now available | Jolla Blog
If you need to reach community:

If you need to reach official Jolla Devs (and have the paying license with support included):
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10 weeks ago by slmeyer
g7/sailfishx-patcher-f5321: Patcher script that applies the f5321 (Xperia X Compact) compatibility layer on top of official Sailfish X f5121 images
Patcher script that applies the f5321 (Xperia X Compact) compatibility layer on top of official Sailfish X f5121 images - g7/sailfishx-patcher-f5321
sailfish  jolla  xperiax  tool 
12 weeks ago by raphman
与华为合作,被俄罗斯买下的Aurora OS是个什么来头?_36氪
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june 2019 by JINYONG86
The Last Independent Mobile OS - Motherboard
- interesting write-up on Sailfish and yet more reasons why you shouldn't trust Google
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december 2018 by renaissancechambara

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