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Sophia Cleary
Sophia Cleary is a genreless, childless & interdisciplinary artist working with jokes, video, dance, music, and more. She has presented her work in NYC at the Center for Performance Research, Danspace Project, the Chocolate Factory, Dixon Place, the Kitchen, and e-flux and in Los Angeles at the Hammer Museum and Human Resources Gallery. This past fall Sophia premiered her collaboration with Neal Medlyn titled "Miracle," an anti-fan fiction play about Anne Geddes and GG Allin. She is the founder and coordinator of the works-in-progress series REHEARSAL and is co-editor for Ugly Duckling Presse's performance annual Emergency INDEX. She performs music in the feminist punk band Penis, a collaboration with Samara Davis.
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7 days ago by stjp
Norm MacDonald: The Moth Joke
I file this under “Pagliacci Joke Variants” even though it’s about a moth and a podiatrist.
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10 days ago by davextreme
Pagliacci Clown Joke Variant (blainecapatch on Twitter)
doctor (writing): i'm putting you on lexapro, 10mg a day. in a couple of weeks we'll get you back in here and see if we need to adjust the dosage, but this should do the trick

pagliacci: thank you
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10 days ago by davextreme
55 Geeky One Line Jokes
Whether you’re a nerd, a geek, a programmer, or just a regular person interested in technology, you should enjoy some serious humor, otherwise this world is very sad.

With this article you can also do something for your abs and burn off the excess Christmas treats. Start the New Year with a broad grin and lots of laughter. It’s healthy and contagious. Infect yourself with 50 hilarious geeky one-line jokes.
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12 days ago by cyberchucktx
A joke in the traditional manner
What’s the name of the Illinois town where dentists want to live?
20 days ago by M.Leddy

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