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Announcing Jessica Ellerm, SME & PensionTech  expert in Oz, joining the Daily Fintech Expert Service – Daily Fintech
Each week we are adding a new Expert to the Daily Fintech Expert Service. Today we are bringing on board Jessica Ellerm who has been writing every Wednesday on the Daily Fintech platform since February 2016. 
announcing  jessica  ellerm  joining  the  daily  fintech  sme  &  pensiontech   exper 
9 weeks ago by marshallk
Announcing Zarc Gin, our man in China, joining the Daily Fintech Expert Service – Daily Fintech
Each week we are adding a new Expert to the Daily Fintech Expert Service. Our Experts work all over the world, giving Daily Fintech a global perspective.
announcing  zarc  gin  joining  the  daily  fintech  our  man  in  china 
10 weeks ago by marshallk

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