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RT : Number 10 abused its power by demanding a cover-up of donors and friends of in the report on influ…
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yesterday by rogercavanagh
RT : With & teaming up, it is so important that anyone who believes in a chance for the UK to v…
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2 days ago by Surliminal
hey et al. it’s clear that says whatever people want to hear to get what he wants. what…
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17 days ago by igorclark
now wants everyone to forget this...
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17 days ago by rogercavanagh
Boris Johnson, Jennifer Arcuri, and the mysterious Annie Tacker • BBC News
Phil Kemp:
<p>At a hearing of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Wednesday, Paul Farrelly, a Labour MP on the committee, said that according to the professional networking website LinkedIn the company's media manager was someone called "Annie T".

But he said that after investigating, it appeared that Annie's profile picture was actually a stock image from a Pinterest page offering business women ideas for headshots. Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan said the review would look at the evidence "with interest".

Shortly after the session I sent Annie a message asking for an interview. I did not hear back. But I did soon receive a request to connect with someone called "Annie Tacker" on LinkedIn.

Now I had a surname. But a search of various databases showed no one by that name resident in the UK, despite her profile stating she lived in Cheshire. A short while later, Annie published a bizarre post on Linkedin claiming that she'd been "outed" in the House of Commons. "As a transitioning woman it's nobodies (sic) business but mine what I put on the Internet," she wrote. "The homophobic UK government should be discussing important topics instead of questioning my gender and identity!"

The post was later deleted and replaced with one including the line: "I am totally real, more real than you'll ever be and more woman than he'll ever have!"

I had noticed that by now her profile picture had changed - but something about the photo was still not right.

A colleague tipped me off that it may be worth exploring if the photo was artificially generated online. These work by bringing together different elements from a large database of different faces to create completely new, artificially created photos.

I wrote to the computer science expert Prof Hany Farid at University of California, Berkeley, who specialises in the analysis of digital images. He said the image in Annie T's LinkedIn profile contained "some tell-tale signs" of being synthesised. The jewellery on her right ear seemed to be "misformed" and there was no jewellery on her left ear.</p>

Come on, this person is as fake as an eleven-pound note.
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25 days ago by charlesarthur
sent the letter, asking EU leaders for another . Euco should now grant a final long one,…
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26 days ago by osfameron
ßbritannien und die haben sich geeinigt. Aber kann Boris |s -Deal überhaupt halten, was er v…
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28 days ago by schmitz
RT : Who would have guessed it was a really fucking stupid move to expel 21 of your own party?
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29 days ago by joshr
IF , having threatened a , does in the end do a deal, then it’s vital that MPs don’t just brea…
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4 weeks ago by robajackson
I find myself strongly agreeing with 's comment today about the need to focus on and the…
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6 weeks ago by richardgreen
RT : My goodness!

Even the Speccie is calling a "man of straw"
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6 weeks ago by kevinmarks

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